Omni+ 50



The Omni+ is an HDTV antenna capable of receiving HDTV signals from broadcast towers located more than 50 miles away. Named for its omni-directional capabilities, the Omni+ can receive signals from all directions simultaneously which reduces the need for precise pointing and eliminates the need to rotate your antenna when towers are located in multiple directions. The Omni+ was designed in the USA in 2018 and optimized for reception of next-gen broadcast technologies including ATSC 3.0, 4K and HDR. 

Channel Master’s Omni+ is one of the best all-around rated outdoor HDTV antennas on the market. The hybrid UHF/VHF design allows for reception from channels 2 and above including major broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, just to name a few.

The compact and aesthetically pleasing design of the Omni+ makes it the ideal HDTV antenna for satisfying neighbors and homeowners associations when mounted on the exterior of the home. In addition, the innovative omni-directional reception properties of the Omni+ allow it to perform well even in an attic. The Omni+ comes with a mounting bracket that can be easily mounted to a wall or eave without the need of additional mounting equipment. If wall or eave mounting is not an option, the Omni+ also comes with U-Bolts for mounting to a pole or to an existing satellite mount. Other applications where the Omni+ can be used include, apartments, townhomes, businesses, Dr. offices, barbershops, beauty salons, auto repair shops, recreational vehicles and it can also be installed on a tripod for outdoor events and tailgating.

Unlike most Omni-directional antennas, the Omni+ does not have built-in amplification. This allows the user to install a more robust external amplifier like the Channel Master Amplify for better performance. Even without an amplifier, the Omni+ is an excellent antenna, but when paired with the Channel Master Amplify , the Omni+ is undoubtedly one of the most powerful complete antenna systems available delivering the reception capability typically expected from large aluminum Yagi style antennas.


What’s Included

Omni+ Antenna
(2) Optional VHF Elements
Mounting Bracket
(2) Flange Nuts
U-bolt with Hex Nuts and Washers
(2) Phillips Screws with Washers
User Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty



Reception Range 50+ Miles
Type Outdoor
Reception Pattern Omni-directional
Built-In Amplifier No
Coax Cable Not Included
Installation Roof, Eave, Attic, Chimney, Mast

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Bandwith 54 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
VHF Gain 4.5dB
UHF Gain 4.3dB
Front to Back Ratio Omni-directional
Return Loss N/A
Impedance 75 Ohm
Power Supply N/A

Mechanical Specifications

Boom Length N/A
Number of Elements N/A
Max Element Width 24.8 in.
Mounting Clamp Wall Bracket with U-bolt up to 1-3/4"
Turning Radius 19 in.
Output Connector F-type
Wind Resistance (at 100 mph, no ice) - 2.75 lb
Size (product) 28.75 x 9.75 x 2 in
Size (packaging) 12.8 x 11.9 x 3.2 in
Weight (product) 1.6 lb
Weight (packaging) 2.38 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 285 reviews
Great Antenna

Got tired of fighting with a directional antenna to find the sweet spot. Using the "Antenna Point" app I learned that we were surrounded by transmitters 360 degrees around us. The Omni+ 50 solved the problem.

Dan S
Working Great in Detroit Metro Area

We mounted one of these high in the attic of our single-story house in Westland and it's picking up everything in the Detroit area flawlessly, even the CBC tower over in Windsor. It's a shame the Lions didn't make it to the Superbowl this year, but we're now ready to watch it regardless :-).

Mike Rizzo
Great Product

Good 360 Signal capture, easy install.

Brad Shonkwiler

Awesome right out the box, easy to install, was worried it would not get signal low to ground but worked perfectly, just have to see if it holds up through an electrical storm.

Excellent 360° reception!

I live in the city of Detroit (city proper), and many stations are all around me, including CBC channel 9 in Windsor Ontario. I mounted this antenna as high as I could in my almost 3rd story attic, and I get 83 DTV stations, including CBC along with "Hockey Night in Canada"! I am very happy with this purchase.