Splitter 2



The Channel Master Splitter 2 divides the TV signal from your antenna to connect two TVs.

The Channel Master Splitter 2 is a 2-way RF splitter that offers exceptional performance and long-term reliability for those looking to split a TV antenna signal to multiple televisions. This high quality splitter is weather proof for outdoor use and provides significant advantages in center conductor retention and electrical performance that basic splitters do not offer.  The Splitter 2 from Channel Master was specifically designed for antenna installations but it is also compatible with cable TV signals.

Not Your Typical Splitter

The Channel Master Splitter 2 is not your typical cheap gold-plated splitter, instead we put our focus on what really matters.

Power Passing

The Channel Master Splitter 2 is specifically designed for TV antenna installations. The Splitter 2 can be used with or without an antenna pre-amplifier. When used with an antenna pre-amplifier the Splitter 2 simplifies installation allowing DC power to pass through any of the output ports up to the pre-amplifier.  (If you are trying to split the signal from an outdoor antenna that is powered over the coaxial cable or if you have a pre-amplifier that is powered over coaxial cable, you will need a Channel Master power passing splitter.  Regular splitters sold online and the ones used by cable TV companies are typically not power passing and will block power and prevent your antenna or amplifier from working.)

Digital Signal Future Proofing

Channel Master Splitter 2 delivers enhanced reliability for signal reception of current and future standards such as ATSC 3.0, NextGen TV, 4K, Ultra HD and HDR.

Excellent Shielding Effectiveness

A splitter with poor shielding can let unwanted signals penetrate and interfere with your signal. Interference introduced through the splitter will cause signal quality issues resulting in intermittent or complete loss of audio and video.

Indoor/Outdoor Design

All Metal housing and weather-sealed ports provide superior defense against long-term corrosion.

What’s Included

(2) Mounting Screws
1-Year Limited Warranty


Splits TV Signals to Feed 2 TVs
Lightweight and Compact
Professional-Grade Performance
Easy Install
Works with Analog, Digital and HD Broadcast Signals
High-Quality Weatherproof Design for Use Outdoors

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Operating Frequency 5-1218 MHz
Insertion Loss 3.5 dB
Return Loss 20 dB
Isolation Between Outputs 22 dB
Surge Withstand 6000VAC, 200A
Power Pass Yes

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector F-type
Output Connectors F-type
Weight 2.5 oz
Size 2.375 x 2.0 x 0.625 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
John Mosure
Works great

I needed to split my signal between my tuner device and my TV inputs. I did this as a back up in case the WiFi would go down.
The channel master splitter just works.
I always use channel master products for all my OTA needs.
I highly recommend this device along with all their tools for DIY projects.

Little power passing splitter was all I needed

Got a second TV and wanted to connect it to the outdoor antenna already working great with an old TV. Tried a old splitter on hand with awful results. The new TV was pretty far from the antenna, so I thought maybe it needed a boost and ordered a TV Antenna Booster 2 and a Power over Coax Adapter from Channel Master. My bad. That didn't work. Called up support and got the answer. The booster didn't work because the Power Inserter that went with the antenna had to be after the booster in the line. The tech support person said all I needed was a power passing splitter so the power could get up to the antenna and the signal would be strong before being split. So I returned the first order and the support person ordered the power passing splitter for only $11. What a deal. It worked like a charm.

Steven Asch

Tried adding a TV with a cheaper splitter and could not receive a signal but hooked the TV up with this power Thru splitter and received signals with a problem.

Jim Kinninger
Power passing splitter

I have two TVs in the house, both powered by the same channel master antenna. One TV will receive over 40 channels and the other TV would only receive 32. After reading some articles online, I realize that the splitter on the TV that receive your channels was not a power passing splitter like the new version channel master offered. Ordered one installed in a few minutes and now I get maximum number of channels and both TVs.

Ricardo (Rick) Chique
2 way spliter

the 2 way spliter worked as listed and installation was so easy, I believe it was Adam from Channel Master that provided the details and advice. Well done and thank you for the great customer service..