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The Channel Master Simple Remote is designed to function as an alternative remote control for Apple TV devices (4th Generation and 4K). The Simple Remote provides Apple TV users a more conventional remote control user experience with up, down, left and right navigation buttons. The Simple Remote uses IR technology (not Bluetooth) which enables the ability to also control the volume up/down and the power on/off functions of most popular televisions or soundbars. The Simple Remote is pre-programmed to work with Apple TV devices out of the box or it can also be programmed to work as a replacement remote control for Channel Master DVR’s

Note: The Simple Remote control uses IR technology which means voice search(Siri) is not compatible and line of sight between the Simple Remote and the Apple TV is required.

Channel Master is committed to providing consumers with high-quality television experiences by producing products that are innovative and easy to install, set up and use. Many Channel Master OTA Antenna users also use Apple products including the Apple TV for streaming video, this is how the simple remote came about.

The Channel Master Simple Remote is an ideal alternative remote control for Apple TV users who have difficulties using the remote control included with the Apple TV or for those who have lost or broken their original remote control and need a replacement. The Simple Remote uses IR technology to communicate and is designed to control all of the basic functions of the Apple TV except for Bluetooth voice functionality. The Simple Remote also has a universal feature that allows it to be programmed to control the on/off, volume up/down and mute functionality of most brands of TVs and soundbars. (The universal capability allows programming for one additional device that users can set to control either the TV’s volume or the soundbar's volume).

The Channel Master product team has spent extensive time testing the Simple Remote with many popular streaming apps and various home theater set-ups and use cases. This remote is ideal for use with popular live-streaming apps including Sling, YouTubeTV, Hulu + Live, GetChannels and more. One important button on the Simple Remote is the HOME button, this button will allow you immediately return to the Apple TV home screen and to manage/close all apps that are running on the Apple TV.


Simple Remote

An Alternative Remote for Apple TV

Simple Remote for Apple TV

Works with Apple TV Out of the Box

  • No Additional Programming Required
  • Programmable to Control the Volume Up/Down and Power On/Off Functions of Most TVs or Soundbars

User-Friendly Controls

  • Traditional Up, Down, Left, Right Navigation Pad
  • Dedicated Channel Up, Down Buttons for Compatible Live TV Streaming Apps
  • Low Battery Indicator Light
Remote Top

Smart Rugged Design

  • Rubberized Front Prevents Buttons From Becoming Dirty and Sticky
  • Durable Backing Tested to Withstand Drops While Not Affecting Performance
  • Circuit Board Mounted Push Buttons Designed to Last Several Hundred Thousand Presses

What’s Included

Simple Remote (CM-7000XRC)
(2) AAA Batteries
1-Year Limited Warranty


Compatible with Apple TV, Channel Master DVR+, Channel Master Stream+ Devices
Infra-Red Remote
Up, Down, Left and Right Navigation Buttons
Control Volume Up/Down, Power On/Off Functions on Most Popular Televisions or Soundbars

Tech Specs

Number of Buttons 19
Compatible Devices Apple TV, Channel Master DVR+, Channel Master Stream+
Technology IR
Universal Functionality Programmable to Control the Power, Volume and Mute Functions of Televisions or Soundbars
Range 30' (Line of Sight Between the Remote and Apple TV Device is Required)
Programming Easy Programming Using Built-in Code Search
Low Battery Indicator LED Will Blink 10 Times When Any Button is Pressed to Indicate When the Batteries are Low and Need to be Replaced
Batteries Requires (2) Standard AAA Batteries (Included) and Has an Expected Battery Life of 1-Year with Normal Use

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