Masterpiece 60



The Masterpiece 60 is a directional (log periodic), line-of-sight outdoor TV antenna that receives high definition and digital signals from a single direction. This antenna has a reception range of up to 60 miles and is designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

Recommended Alternative: Pro-Model Antenna
The Pro-Model antenna is highly recommended by Channel Master antenna engineers because it will provide a much better customer experience. - It is easier to assemble and mount, it will hold up better in extreme weather, it is upgradable and repairable, and it’s made in the USA. To learn more about the Pro-Model Antenna, Click Here.


Medium range directional (line of sight), rugged outdoor TV antenna up to 60 miles.

What’s Included

Masterpiece 60
Hardware (Mast, Amplifier and Coax Cable Not Included)
Installation Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Reception Range 60 Miles
Type Outdoor
Reception Pattern Directional
Built-In Amplifier No
Installation Roof, Mast, Eave, Chimney

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Bandwith 54 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
VHF Gain 9.0dB
UHF Gain 13dB
Front to Back Ratio 15dB
Return Loss N/A
Impedance 300 Ohm (75 Ohm balun included)

Mechanical Specifications

Boom Length 74.5"
Number of Elements 17
Max Element Width 107"
Mounting Clamp U-bolt up to 2.5"
Turning Radius 72"
Output Connector F-type
Size (product) 80.25" x 107.75" x 13"
Weight (product) 10 lb
Wind Resistance (at 100 mph, no ice) – 22 lb

Choose a Model

45 MI Range Antenna
60 MI Range Antenna
100 MI Range Antenna

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Chuch Jr

Used this attenna to replace a Channel Master Pro that was installed a few weeks earlier. The Pro was installed on a commercial building about 40 miles east of the Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Which is where the majority of our local off-air r transmitted from.
Pro was just not doing the job on VHF RF7; even with the VHF add on & a Channel Master preamp. RF7 kept dropping out on the Pro as described. The Masterpiece 60 was chosen because if it's better gain numbers for VHF. After install, of the 60, RF7 locked right in with a Channel Master preamp.
Plus - the Masterpiece60 is made like the old Channel Master Crossfire antennas. Such that it unfolds to assemble & thus requires less thinking to put together. Had it up on pole in 10 minutes, taking my time. Where as the Pro requires assembling pieces & can be a little more time consuming on for the 1st time.
Although Channel Master recommends the Pro over the Masterpiece60 at closer distance to transmitter, we are considering using the Masterpiece60 more often due to the better gain & easier assembly.

Dan malcom
Masterpiece 60

Antenna worked perfectly. installed on chimney mounted mast at approximately 20 feet above the ground. House was located about 25 miles from broadcasting towers. The house was set down in a neighborhood and surrounded by trees. Tried many of the smaller flat antennas some were amplified none worked. This antenna worked perfectly it is a good size antenna and very well constructed. The antenna worked best without an amplifier in this situation less than 50 feet of cable and to a single tv. Antenna was properly grounded mast as well coaxial cable. Would recommend.

Larry Lease
Well constructed antenna

This antenna performed as promised. Excellent build quality and solid performance, used in conjunction with a signal amplifier to view channels from approximately 55-60 miles. installed only 20' high with CM-9030 mount and 5' of mast. I have been installing Channel Master products since the mid 1970s. Lease's TV Sales & Service

Frank D.
Exceeded my expectations

This antenna is great… It locked in every station in my area with a solid signal and one low VHF station almost 40 miles away without any problems. It’s well worth the money!!

James Hilburn
Cutting the cord

Seems to be working fine