Channel Master Gives Away TV Antennas on Tax Day. | Channel Master

Channel Master to Give Away TV Antennas on Tax Day

Phoenix, AZ -- (April 5, 2016 ) - - Channel Master, the nation's leading provider of alternative TV solutions, today announced the company has designated Tax Day as Free Antenna Day. On April 15, Channel Master will give away individual units of its top-selling FLATenna', including free shipping.

FLATenna is an indoor omni-directional TV antenna that receives signals from up to 35 miles from broadcast towers. Ideal for metro and suburban dwellers, FLATenna is the perfect tool to help people discover the value of free over-the-air television.

"Our purpose is to help promote awareness of free broadcast television," said Shelley O'Connell, director of marketing communications. "Many Americans either don't know what a TV antenna is or don't realize the value that it provides. It's a matter of education and we think celebrating Tax Day with some free antennas would be a fun way to help deliver the message."

Beginning at 8 AM Pacific time on Friday, April 15, consumers can visit Channel Master's website to get their free antenna while supplies last, limit one per customer, with free shipping. People interested in the offer can visit the company's Free Antenna Day page to learn more.

"We hope to reach people who have never tried a TV antenna and we're also here to answer questions," said O'Connell. "It's very common for us to see comments from people who claim a TV antenna will not work for them, then we get that person on the phone and 90% of the time we solve whatever issue they were having."