Channel Master's Digital Broadcast Antenna Sales Surge!

Channel Master's Digital Broadcast Antenna Sales Surge!

Cable TV-Broadcaster Dispute Heats Up Interest in Free TV Reception

Phoenix, AZ--(September 4, 2013) - - Channel Master a major manufacturer of television antennas and home entertainment equipment, had a huge surge in sales in August, a lift executives attribute to publicity alerting all consumers about ways to maintain their broadcast reception in the wake of the month-long carriage dispute between Time Warner Cable and CBS.

Sales of Channel Master's popular broadcast HD antennas in August were 150% higher than that of July. Its most popular products, the SMARTenna (indoor/outdoor) and CLEARtenna (indoor) and the EXTREMEtenna (outdoor) were its three top sellers for the month.

Channel Master also saw website traffic substantially increase in late August on its websites, and the popular when Time Warner Cable announced that it would give out free antennas to its customers in three markets Los Angeles, New York and Dallas.

"The publicity surrounding the Time Warner Cable/CBS dispute was national in scope and attention. It was one of the best reminders to the general consumer population that much of their most popular programming is produced for free broadcast consumption and all anyone needs is a good antenna and digital broadcast converter box. We at Channel Master clearly were among the beneficiaries from the dispute," said Isaac Valenzuela, Channel Master's director of marketing.

Channel Master is a trusted veteran in the broadcast television space, having created the original patent for the first preassembled aerial TV antenna in 1949. Its product mix has evolved with the times and current offerings include the latest technology, including set-top boxes to enable Internet delivered television, and DVRs.