Channel Master Debuts Antenna Success

Channel Master Debuts Antenna Success™ Product Line; Delivers Simple, Innovative Solutions for Over-The-Air Reception.

Las Vegas, NV -- (January 5, 2017 ) - - Channel Master, the leading provider of alternative TV solutions and the nation's first TV antenna manufacturer, today announced the Antenna Success™ product line designed to provide do-it-yourself consumers with a successful digital TV antenna experience.

Antenna Success products were developed as a response to signal-issue enquiries received by Channel Master's on-site public call centers over the past 24 months. The company analyzed over 50,000 consumer calls from across the U.S. and Canada to identify the most common signal-fail issues in DIY home installations.

"When consumers experience signal issues they are most likely to believe that the issue is related to either the TV antenna or the set-top box", said Adam Long, vice president of operations at Channel Master. "However, 90% of the time the problem lies between those two items, such as the coaxial cable, connectors, or even a poorly-constructed HDMI cable."

The Antenna Success product line includes:

  • Antenna Success™ RG-6 Ultra-Shielded Coaxial Cable
    Patented enhanced foil layer provides superior shielding, reducing noise and interference inherent to OTA signals.

  • Antenna Success™ Continuity Locking Connector
    Patented continuous grounding and enhanced shielding design minimizes OTA macro-blocking and other OTA signal issues due to movement or loose connection.

  • Antenna Success™ Ultra-Shielded Premium-HDMI™ Cable
    Premium-HDMI™ rating ensures cables support full 18Gbps and 4K video, and superior EMI protection minimizes interference with wireless signals.

  • Antenna Success™ Amplify™ Adjustable Gain Pre-Amplifier
    Optimized for digital OTA signals, includes out-of-band filtering and heavy-duty weatherproof construction for outdoor use.

  • Antenna Success™ LTE Filter
    Filters frequencies used by cellular phone transmissions that can be problematic to OTA tuners and amplifiers.

Antenna Success products were specifically designed to eliminate the most common installation errors and signal failure points experienced by a growing group of cord cutters who are discovering the value of a TV antenna.

"Cord-Cutters have not had the go-to technical resource that they did when they paid for subscription TV services," said Joe Bingochea, executive vice president of product development for Channel Master. "The Antenna Success program and products fill that void and Channel Master is here to help ensure consumers have a reliable OTA experience with do-it-yourself installations."

Channel Master is demonstrating live signal reception fail-points and the Antenna Success product line for distributors, retailers and media at International CES in the Westgate Hospitality Suites, room 28127. Walk-ins are welcome.

Consumers can receive Antenna Success assistance with planning, products, and post-installation support by calling Channel Master at 1-877-746-7261, or purchase products directly from