Channel Master Commits $1M to TV Freedom Sales Event Beginning July 4

The following press release was distributed Thursday, June 29 at 5:35 AM Pacific Time:

Channel Master Commits $1M to TV Freedom Sales Event Beginning July 4

  • 4,000 Indoor Antennas
  • 4,000 Outdoor Antennas
  • 4,000 DVRs
  • 4,000 Amplifiers
  • 4,000 LTE Filters 

June 29, 2017

PHOENIX, AZ – Channel Master, the nation's leading provider of alternative TV solutions, today announced that it has committed one million dollars in revenue for the company's first annual TV Freedom Sales Event. The freedom-themed event will run for 20 days beginning July 4.

Consumers can choose from the following deep-discount options, which include free shipping within the continental U.S.:

Indoor Antenna Bundle
FLATenna, Amplify and coaxial cable $54.44 (50% savings)

Outdoor Antenna Bundle
STEALTHtenna, Amplify and coaxial cable $74.44 (50% savings)

$144.44 (40% savings)

$44.44 (50% savings)

LTE Filter
$14.44 (40% savings)

"We know that more people are discovering the value of TV antennas every day," said Coty Youtsey, president and CEO of Channel Master. "With an event like this we are making it a little easier for people to take that first step and give it a try; it's part savings and part education."

Beginning at 6 AM Pacific time on Tuesday, July 4, consumers can visit Channel Master's website to shop the special TV Freedom offers while supplies last.

The first TV antenna manufacturer in the U.S., Channel Master has been a facilitator of free broadcast television since 1949, as well as a TV Freedom advocate for consumers since the digital transition in 2009. The company maintains an in-house support team that provides free assistance for consumers who have questions about TV antennas and installation.

"We hope to reach people who have never tried a TV antenna and our support team is here to answer questions," said Adam Long, vice president of operations. "This is where our team really shines, in helping people get the right product and the right setup."

People interested in learning more about TV antennas can view Channel Master's Antenna Selection Guide.

About Channel Master

Channel Master is an alternative TV provider delivering high quality and value to consumers since 1949. The company offers a full line of television antennas, subscription-free DVR options and additional products designed to deliver a traditional TV experience without the fees. It feels like Cable but it's not.