Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier

CM 7778 TV Antenna Preamplifier
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Price: $65.00

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The Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier will amplify signals received by your antenna. This antenna amplifier is a medium gain, low noise preamplifier used to allow weaker signals at the antenna to be amplified to a viewable strength, and is ideal for installations in which broadcast towers are located at widely varying distances. The Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier is a two part unit, an outdoor amplification unit which is mounted on the mast of your antenna system and an indoor unit which powers the outdoor amplification unit. The indoor unit is stationed indoors and connects to the outdoor unit via coaxial cable.

16dB TV antenna signal preamplifier

What’s Included

Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier
Power inserter
Power adapter
Coaxial cable
U-Bolt and Weather boots
User Guide


Improves signal quality
Decreases pixilation
May increase number of channels
Ultra low noise
Gain - 16 dB
Selectable FM signal pass-through
Heavy duty rating for outdoor use
Mast mounted for close proximity to antenna

90 days Limited Warranty Limited Warranty

parts and labor 90 days of parts and labor
support 90 days of support through phone, online chat and/or e-mail

Replacement Parts

Replacement Power Supply for all CM brand amplifiers
Price: $9.99
Replacement Power Supply


Power Inserter for TITAN 2 Preamplifiers
Price: $4.00
Power Inserter for Distribution Amplifiers


6’ FT RG6 Coax Jumper
Price: $4.00
6’ FT RG6 Coax Jumper


Do You Need A Preamplifier With Your TV Antenna?
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  0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Brought my weak channels in much better May 31, 2018
Reviewer: jbizzle from Northeast Georgia  
I live about 40 miles northeast of Atlanta transmit towers.  I have an RCA 60 mile uni-direction antenna mounted about 25-30ft above ground.  I was picking up NBC and FOX relatively good but bad weather sometimes made it difficult.  ABC was the hardest to pinpoint with my antenna rotator and most of the the time would not even come in.  Adding this amp brought in all three networks with NO antenna rotation necessary!
This is a big help because when my Channel Master DVR + is set to record on a certain station, I have to make sure that station is tuned in.  Many times the recording is horrible because fade out or non-existent.  Those days are over now thanks to the Titan 2!   And re-scanning brought in channels I didn't know existed!

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Perfect picture now! May 2, 2018
Reviewer: David Stewart from Austin, TX  
I'm not sure if it was the Titan 2 or the LTE filter, but ALL my channels are now perfect!  I had a few channels that would break up every few seconds depending on the time of day, then occasionally drop for a few seconds. The Titan 2 and LTE filter cleaned it all up.  What a combination!  I have an external antenna going directly to the LTE filter which screws on the Titan 2 input.  Then it runs inside to the power injector, then to a splitter.  The splitter feeds two TVs, one is another 60' away in a bedroom.  I couldn't be happier with the result I have.  I now get about 50 channels with no break ups, though a lot of them are nothing I would watch.  I do get about 20 channels that I do watch, so it was well worth improving the reception using the Titan 2.

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An excellent r.f. amplifier March 14, 2018
Reviewer: Gary Fisher from San Angelo, TX  
Living in a small market with a challenging array of signals means that my distribution amplifier must share those signals of greatly varying strength evenly with four TV-sets.  Adding to the challenge is an attic antenna which would capture more signal if it were outside.  This r.f. amplifier, used in conjunction with the Channel Master Ultra Mini-4 distribution amplifier does the job nicely.  And it is mounted in an attic where the temperatures go from cold in the winter to hot in the summer.  An excellent product for a broad application of situations.

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Channel and Quality Boost March 14, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Gilbert, AZ  
I didn't think I would need a pre-amp since I am only 20 miles away from the towers.  Once testing it out however was pulling in more stations from further away along with cleaning up the signal across the board.  Support was exceptional!

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Better quality November 13, 2017
Reviewer: Bill from Frankfort, NY  
Better quality enclosure. My old one was plastic enclosure that exposed the inside and corroded the circuit board parts. All coax instead of coax and 200ohm.

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