Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier

CM 7778 TV Antenna Preamplifier
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The Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier will amplify signals received by your antenna. This antenna amplifier is a medium gain, low noise preamplifier used to allow weaker signals at the antenna to be amplified to a viewable strength, and is ideal for installations in which broadcast towers are located at widely varying distances. The Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier is a two part unit, an outdoor amplification unit which is mounted on the mast of your antenna system and an indoor unit which powers the outdoor amplification unit. The indoor unit is stationed indoors and connects to the outdoor unit via coaxial cable.

16dB TV antenna signal preamplifier

What’s Included

Titan 2 Medium Gain Preamplifier
Power inserter
Power adapter
Coaxial cable
U-Bolt and Weather boots
User Guide


Improves signal quality
Decreases pixilation
May increase number of channels
Ultra low noise
Gain - 16 dB
Selectable FM signal pass-through
Heavy duty rating for outdoor use
Mast mounted for close proximity to antenna

90 days Limited Warranty Limited Warranty

parts and labor 90 days of parts and labor
support 90 days of support through phone, online chat and/or e-mail

Replacement Parts

Replacement Power Supply for all CM brand amplifiers
Price: $9.99
Replacement Power Supply


Power Inserter for TITAN 2 Preamplifiers
Price: $4.00
Power Inserter for Distribution Amplifiers


6’ FT RG6 Coax Jumper
Price: $4.00
6’ FT RG6 Coax Jumper


Do You Need A Preamplifier With Your TV Antenna?
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Titan2/Amplifier October 17, 2017
Reviewer: Tim Bayless from Seguin, Texas  
After using channelmaster in the past with the titan2 high gain amplifier and being very satisfied, I decided after moving and reading information on channelmaster website to go with a new titan2 medium gain amplifier and could not be more pleased

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Couldn't get TV without the 7778 preamp September 5, 2017
Reviewer: Daniel from Newton, NJ  
I am located in the deepest of deep-fringe for  both NYC and Philly, the faintest of purple on tvfool (I'm closer to NYC but there are multiple hills blocking most signals except for One World Trade UHF Telemundo).  A previous owner left a 40-year old lpda/yagi antenna in the attic, but aluminum siding stops any signal from penetrating.  I installed chimney straps, mounted the 7778 preamp and antenna on a 10ft 1-1/4" EMT mast, pointed south, and am now getting good signal from Philly VHF lo and high stations and two UHF stations in the Lehigh Valley.  I only have a non-split single run of 80ft RG6 quad-shield, but that's enough line-loss to lose all two-dozen sub/channels.  I can't get TV up here without the 7778 preamp.  Thanks to the FCC repack auction I'll be losing the Lehigh Valley stations in a year, but thanks to ChannelMaster I have a whole bunch of free TV to watch until then, channels that my satellite provide doesn't offer.

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Antenna on Garage May 25, 2017
Reviewer: Dom from Staten Island  
-I am in Staten Island, outside of Manhattan.  I have a TV in my garage, and an antenna on the one story roof, and I was getting about 10 channels on the garage TV.  I put this pre-amp on the mast of the antenna, and no help.  I tried using the pre-amp down by the TV, and voila!  I got 50 channels, though some of them came and went.  I tried different pieces of coaxial cable, and some worked better than others.  I tried another TV, which got some channels the other TV didn't get, but also didn't get some channels that the first TV got.  It seems to me that everything has to be just right, the TV, the antenna, the amplifier, the cables, the splitter, the booster, and they aren't all necessarily compatible.  A lot of trial and error.

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Titan 2 May 19, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Pasadena, Texas  
This amplifier doesn't do the job.  Without it I picked up 128 channels .  With it installed I get only 84 channels.   Nothing more to say the numbers tell the Tale.  Very disappointing.


Leslie Robertson

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Titan II Preamp May 8, 2017
Reviewer: Charlie  
Quick delivery and I can always depend on your products working as advertised.

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