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CM-7000PAL HD Antenna DVR
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Record without limitations or fees.

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Best ReviewedThe Channel Master CM-7000PAL is the first DVR box offered by Channel Master. We are extremely excited to bring this innovative product to the market which is sure to enhance your TV viewing experience. With this unit you can view and record local over-the-air digital broadcasts. With the DVR you can pause, fast forward and rewind your programs, you can even use the slow motion feature to watch clips frame by frame. The DVR offers an electronic program guide which allows you to pre-set recording schedules so you never miss your favorite shows. Unlike many other DVR set top boxes, there are NO monthly subscription fees. This unit includes an infrared remote control which operates the CM-7000PAL DVR and up to three other components.

This unit comes equipped with a 1 year manufactures warranty

Antenna Compatible DVR with no monthly Fees! Record and Store the clearest digital and HD programming on the planet!

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View and record local over-the-air digital broadcast
Outputs 1080I resolution
Record up to 130 hours of SD content or up to 30 hours of HD content
Pausing, fast forward and rewind functions
Electronic programming guide
Scans over-the-air channels
Closed caption support and parental locks
No subscription fees
One year manufactures warranty
Unit dimensions (L x W x H) 14.5 x 8.75 x 2.5 inches

Rear Panel Features
ATSC antenna input for over-the-air digital broadcasts (Dual Tuner)
HDMI output
Component HD and analog video outputs
Optical digital output for Dolby digital and PCM digital audio
RCA-type audio/video outputs
Ethernet port
USB 2.0 port
3-prong power cord

Front Panel Features
Green power LED
Red recording LED

Software Update Instructions: (No updates available at this time)

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Don't work in Philly Area January 30, 2015
Reviewer: anonymous from Middletown, De  
If you live in Philly area… warning you will not get a 7 day OTA/EPG…. You will only get a 7 hour OTA/EPA… I returned the item… Channel Master should note it better on website the 7 day OTA/EPG is not available in many areas.  If not I will blog, it on there site and other sites…. I also will never buy Channel Master Items again if they don't make it more visible…. OTA/EPG not in all areas

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Failed after 2 months - repair is slow January 30, 2015
Reviewer: anonymous from Syracuse, NY  
Unit is very good - while it works.  Failed after 2 months and tech support is very slow responding re: RMA/Repair.

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Product is flaky January 30, 2015
Reviewer: anonymous from Florida  
The product records programming not selected, constantly notifies me of a dropped IP when there is none.  Unit reboots itself at will.\n\nIt beats having on DVR but is no comparison with products unsed for cable and satellite.\n\nTechnical support is poor!

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Could be great, but buggy as hell January 30, 2015
Reviewer: anonymous from Indy, IN  
In theory this could be a great product even though it seems to be the only game in town for a over the air broadcast DVR.  The Tuner is must more sensitive than my Sony Bravia's.  My TV alone I got about 5 channels.  When I plugged the PAL in it brought in over 20.  It works pretty much like any of the cable co's DVR's and I've developed a low tolerance for commercials and can't stand to watch live TV any more (I'll even record it and come back after I've queued enough to be able to FF thru commercials of a live show) and though mine lasted barely a year, I'll probably buy another one (or similar product if it becomes available).  \n\nNow for the bad, or regrets – It has a lot of what seems hardware and software bugs.  The following bugs required me to do a hard boot almost daily )making me dig behind my entertainment center to unplug the system since the box does not have an actual power or reset switch):  I often get errors in the middle of play back saying unable to located network for update – the mfg\r says there are no updates available and it's not hooked up to the internet.  Frequently during live TV the screen just freezes as if paused – if your recording something you must wait to pull plug or mess up the recording.  My Sony TV must emit some kind of signal that interferes with the set.  I few seconds after I turn on the TV the box would quit responding (no channel, on/off…) but would resume functioning when I turned the TV off.  When I spoke to the tech support they said it happens with Sony and Samsung but didn't give a reason and just told me to relocate the box to another room.   I coped by putting the box in  the cabinet at an angle and placing a card in front of the IR window (blocking the TV but still able to use remote if I held it out at an angle).  I read something by another reviewer about disabling the light level detection, and that may have been it, but they never told me and now I won't be able to try.  The mfr strung me along with work arounds until the warranty was past.  I was worried that something so buggy was a ticking time bomb and that turned out to be the case.  Today it has become permanently hung up on the boot  sequence, restarting over and over.  The mfr knew of the problems I was having from the get go.  Like I said, this could be a great item if they'd just invest a little in quality control.  Like I said, I've got to have a DVR and I don't want to pay for cable or dish, but I'd prefer to buy a product from more stable or established electronics mfr. \n\nI recommend a DVR, but I would not recommend this one if it was not the only one know of on the market.

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We liked it till the problems started January 30, 2015
Reviewer: anonymous from Lodi, CA  
We got Uverse TV for a month and stopped using our DVR, when we cancelled the costly Uverse to switch back to free OTA, the DVR seems to have developed a software problem, it doesn't always record the shows we ask it to that indicate it will record on our Guide, I read the manual, tried reseting by disrupting the power supply for 30 seconds each day, and we'll that helps, its still not solving the problem, for instance, I tried to record the Super Bowl as I'd be traveling, and it didn't record the game, its does this all the time with some of the primetime shows we like, records one, doesn't the other, or records one one week, then not the next, now its even started deleting shows we've recorded the night before but not stayed up to protect, even though the space is not needed by the DVR to record any new shows, appears to be random.  We were happy with the product before the problems started.

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