Coaxial Cable Grounding Block



The Channel Master Coaxial Cable Grounding Block is designed and optimized for professional grounding of the coaxial cable in over-the-air TV Antenna Installations.

National Electrical Code (NEC) recommends grounding all outdoor TV Antenna installations and specifically that the antenna mast and the coaxial cable be bonded to the home's ground electrode system.

The Channel Master Coaxial Cable Grounding Block will enable you to properly bond your coaxial cable to the home's ground electrode system.

What’s Included

Coaxial Cable Grounding Block
(2) Mounting Screws
1-Year Limited Warranty


Gold plated beryllium copper seizure has ideal electrical and mechanical characteristics, with exceptional spring back and center conductor retention that does not require assistance from a plastic insulator
100% conformance to SCTE standards for center conductor retention without any assistance from plastic insulators that relax over time
High quality zinc alloy body
Nickel plating for excellent corrosion resistance
Precision machined SCTE conforming ports for superior F-connector performance

Tech Specs

Bandwidth 5 to 3,000 MHz
Impedance 75 Ohms
Return Loss 30 dB @ 5 to 1,000 MHz, ≤ 0.3 @ 600 to 3,000 MHz
Ground Wire Gauge Accepts up to #6 AWG ground wire
Operating Temperature -40° to +140° F
Size 1.875 x 1.25 x 1.0 in

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