Channel Master Opens Live Streaming Platform to Media Companies. | Channel Master

Channel Master Opens Live Streaming Platform to Media Companies

Delivers High Visibility, Anonymous Viewer Metrics, Cord Cutter Audience

Phoenix, AZ -- (November 17, 2015 ) - - Channel Master, the nation's leading provider of alternative TV solutions, today announced that it has completed the beta launch of its Channel Master TV live streaming platform and the company is now welcoming additional partners to the service.

Launched to customers earlier this year with limited partners, the free service delivers live, linear Internet streams directly to the channel guide of the company's DVR+, a subscription-free DVR that receives both over-the-air and Internet-based content, a popular solution that focuses on the living room TV and a traditional viewing experience for cord cutters.

Unlike the user experience of retail streaming devices, Channel Master TV was specifically designed to avoid an app-centric environment. Instead, users switch seamlessly between broadcast channels and Internet channels without the need to change a TV input or launch an application.

Channel Master TV launched in the spring with approximately 20 partners including WeatherNation, FoodyTV, The Outdoor Cooking Channel and RT News. The company has since added new partners including Vibrant TV, Backlight, StreamShift, Son Life, Inspiration TV and Dr. TV.

"We initially launched with a handful of select partners." said Joe Bingochea, executive vice president of product development. "The service was a first-of-its-kind and we wanted to be sure we had a premium product that delivered value to both partners and customers. The results have been fantastic and we're now ready to expand the service with additional partners."

Channel Master media partners typically report that they receive significantly higher viewership as a linear channel on the DVR+ platform than they do through the app environment of market-leading streaming devices, a fact which the company attributes to the ease of content discovery through a traditional linear grid guide.

"We see a lot of industry reports that claim linear TV is dying and the future of TV is apps," said Shelley O'Connell, marketing director. "However, data from our anonymous metrics paints a different picture. We're installed in every major demographic across the US and Canada, our customers are 100% cord cutters, and the results are the same everywhere ' consumers like to channel surf and they want live, linear TV."

Channel Master's open streaming platform allows media companies to organize their video assets in a 24/7 linear format and add a branded channel to the service for free, with no upfront costs or ongoing fees. The process is particularly efficient for those who already broadcast a live stream from a content delivery network.

Beginning today, media companies may contact Channel Master at to schedule a demo and learn how they can create and launch a branded channel for free.