Channel Master Announces Black Friday 2015 Cord Cutting Deals. | Channel Master

Channel Master Announces Black Friday Cord Cutting Deals

Phoenix, AZ -- (November 19, 2015 ) - - Channel Master, the nation's leading provider of alternative TV solutions, today announced the details of its annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday events, available exclusively through the company's online store at

On Friday, November 27, from 4 AM to 8 AM Pacific time, the company will offer the 16GB DVR+ unit for $199, a savings of 20% off retail price, or a 2-DVR package for $299, a savings of 40% off retail price.

On Monday, November 30, if inventory is still available, the company will offer the same deals from 7AM to 11 AM Pacific time.

Consumers may view the company's Black Friday web page for complete details.

"This is the only time we discount product" said Shane Rinke, director of e-commerce. "We may do giveaways from time to time but if you're looking for a DVR+ on sale, this is it." The inclusion of a deep discount two-DVR package is new this year. "That decision was a direct result of customer requests for Black Friday, people want to get a second unit for the bedroom or pick up an extra for a family member as a gift," said Rinke.

With Channel Master, consumers have an operator-quality TV solution that is continually enhanced with new features, streaming services and Internet channels through automatic software updates, no contracts or fees required. The subscription-free DVR+ delivers live over-the-air broadcast channels, live Internet channels and streaming apps in a single integrated 14-day program guide.

"We're the only U.S. company whose customers are 100% cord cutters," said Shelley O'Connell, marketing director. "Consumers are inundated with descriptions of cord cutting as streaming-only, no live broadcast TV or local channels without a paid app, and no DVR without a fee. This is absolutely false and once people figure that out they ultimately find Channel Master."

The company notes that the use of a television antenna provides a wealth of the most popular TV shows without having to stream content, which greatly assists cord cutters in avoiding data caps, and the DVR allows them to enjoy time-shifted viewing and skip commercials.

Consumers can consult Channel Master's Antenna Selection Guide for assistance in choosing a television antenna. "Many consumers who say they've tried a TV antenna and it didn't work for them simply had the wrong antenna, perhaps chosen with the aid of only a zip code search tool, and that's not enough information to ensure you're selecting the right antenna for your area" said O'Connell.