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DVR+ Record without limitations or fees.

Unbelievably slim. Unbelievable value.

The only subscription-free over-the-air DVR that integrates online streaming services and lets you choose your recording capacity.
It’s TV Freedom.

Channel Master DVR+

HDMI output only.

Requires USB external
hard drive for full
DVR functionality.


Channel Master DVR+

HDMI output only.

Includes a 1 terabyte internal hard drive.
No external hard drive required for
full DVR functionality.


Integrated Electronic Program Guide. An industry first.

Do you have to get up off the couch to switch inputs on the TV when you want to change from live TV viewing to an On Demand streaming service? The horror!

Or perhaps you have to go to the trouble to pick up a different remote and push a few buttons. Either way, we’ve got a cure for that.

The Channel Master DVR+ integrates streaming services and apps directly into the guide. Just scroll to the channel and select it.

The DVR+ currently includes VUDU, a premium rental service packed with your favorite TV show seasons, movies and new-release DVD titles.

We’re always working to integrate additional popular streaming services, so stay tuned!

Integrated program guide requires broadband connection.

Packed with features! And we’re always adding more.

The only subscription-free over-the-air DVR that integrates online streaming services and lets you choose your recording capacity. It’s TV Freedom.

Watch broadcast programming in pure, uncompressed HD - the highest quality available
Easy installation with on-screen setup wizard
Supports SD and HD video resolutions up to 1080i and 1080p 1
Works with all digital TV antennas for instant access to broadcast programming 2
Supports external USB hard drives (EHD) 3 for full DVR functionality
Dual tuners allow you to record one program while watching another or record two programs at the same time 3 (using EHD)
Records, pauses and plays back live TV up to 2 hours out of the box 4
See what’s on now or later with the user-friendly Electronic Program Guide (EPG) 5
Easily search for shows and set timers with name-based recording
Broadband connection provides automatic software updates, enhanced EPG and access to Internet video streaming services
Get Wi-Fi connectivity with optional USB Wi-Fi adapter
Supports Dolby® Digital Plus surround sound
Ultra-low power consumption

1 DVR+ requires a TV with a HDMI input.
2 Not compatible with existing cable and satellite connections. Requires a basic TV antenna to receive free over-the-air broadcasts.
3 External hard drive sold separately. Required for 16 GB model only, unlimited storage with optional USB EHD.
4 Recording capacities are an estimate and depend on the type of programming being recorded and the external hard drive being used.
5 Availability of guide data is not controlled by Channel Master and is subject to change without notice.
6 At this time, the VUDU service is only available in the United States.

The physical features. Pretty cool.

About 1/2" High
Back Panel Connections

Watch your TV anywhere. Seriously. From anywhere in the world.

The DVR+ is compatible with the Slingbox 500. Slingbox place shifting technology allows you to access your TV from any connected mobile device, including all live and recorded content, from anywhere with a broadband connection.

For the ultimate TV Freedom experience, Slingbox lets DVR+ owners take their living room TV with them wherever they go, either around the house or around the world.

Slingbox 500

Accessories. Spice it up.

"It is our ability to accessorize that separates us from the animals." - Miss Truvie, Steel Magnolias

USB Wi-Fi Adapter Remote Control Extender USB External Hard drive HDMI Cable Extended Warranty

Easy set up. You’ll achieve TV Freedom in no time.

Connect your digital antenna to the DVR+
Connect the DVR+ to your TV with HDMI cable
Connect a USB external hard drive to the DVR+
- Provides full DVR functionality (Only 16GB model, skip this step if you own the 1TB model)
Connect the DVR+ to broadband with Ethernet cord or USB Wi-Fi adaptor
- Provides extended program guide, software updates and access to streaming services

SMARTenna The antenna for your household needs.

The SMART way to get FREE HDTV signals in your home. Our most versatile residential antenna , the SMARTenna provides high quality reception for the majority of households within metropolitan areas.

The SMARTenna comes with a table top stand for indoor use and a mounting bracket for use outdoors if you live more than 35 miles away from broadcast towers.

Weather resistant for long-term outdoor use, the SMARTenna has multiple mounting options:

  • Eave mount
  • Concealed mount
  • Satellite mount
  • Mast/Pole mount

The SMARTenna is omni directional, which means there’s no need for pointing. The antenna receives digital video signals from a 360o radius.

Size 13.38x11.25x1.5
Frequency 174-216 MHz, 470-700 MHz
Gain VHF/UHF 5-8dB Min
Impedance 75O

Small and sleek for the living room.
Sturdy and strong for outdoors.

Channel Master SMARTenna


Omni-directional indoor/outdoor digital antenna for home use, no pointing required.

The perfect choice for metro/urban over-the-air broadcast TV reception, up to 35 miles indoor, 50 miles outdoor.

Antennas For any over-the-air need, we’ve got you covered.

Channel Master holds the U.S. patent for the very first aerial TV antenna in 1949. We’ve been providing premium reception products for 65 years.

Our antennas are sold worldwide and range from simple close-range reception to long- distance reception from up to 100 miles from a broadcast tower.

If you have questions about antenna use, we’re the people to talk to. We’re always available to help.

Amplifiers For special needs, make your antenna do more.

Sometimes you need a boost. If you’re experiencing poor signal from one or more broadcast stations, you may be on the fringe of your reception area.

Channel Master amplifiers can help bring your programming home by strengthening the signal as it travels through your connection cable.

If you think you need an amplifier and have any questions, please contact one of our reception experts for help.

Accessories All your antenna accessories, for any install.

Many large or special installations require additional accessories to complete the project.

Whether tools or equipment, Channel Master carries a wide range of installation accessories guaranteed to get the project done right at the professional standards