Top Birthday Gifts For Binge-Watching

Lights, couch, action! Move over baseball, America's new favorite pastime is binge-watching. As crazy as it sounds, a little part of all of us loves to find the most comfortable spot on the couch and watch our favorite shows for hours on end. That's why binge-watching gifts and accessories are the perfect gift for most occasions, especially a birthday. Check out our list of top birthday gifts for binge-watching below.

Channel Master

Channel Master has been in the TV antenna business for over 70 years. Their indoor and outdoor TV antennas allow you to binge-watch your favorite channels while waving goodbye to that cable bill. The popular SMARTenna+ has been called the "smartest TV antenna in the world." The internal processor analyzes the TV signals and automatically selects the best reception pattern to deliver the maximum number of channels and the best signal quality. With a sleek, modern look and advanced capabilities, there's a reason the SMARTenna+ was number one on our top birthday gifts for binge-watching list.

Gravity Blanket

To have a premium binge-watching experience, one must be at the highest level of comfort. Get the binge watcher in your life a gravity blanket. The soft fabric and plush texture will keep them cozy for hours. The special weighted element to the gravity blanket adds an extra level of comfort to the time spent in front of the TV.

Snack Bucket

Binge-watching wouldn't be complete without a snack stash. King of Pop's premium snack bucket offers a variety of different popcorn flavors, like honey mustard, cinnamon and brown sugar, sea salt and cracked pepper, and buffalo. It also includes chocolate chip cookies, assorted nuts and candy - because you can't binge-watch without something sweet.

The Clapper

Yes, they still make The Clapper, and yes, they are perfect for binge-watching. Give the gift of not having to get up from a cozy couch to turn on the light. That's exactly what the clapper offers. With an easy-to-install system The Clapper is perfect for those TV watching marathons.It may be a cause for laughter when the gift is first opened the binge watcher in your life will thank you.

TV Guide Magazine

TV Guide Magazine is that taste of nostalgia any TV lover would appreciate. Now with built-in guide features and the internet, the TV Guide Magazine isn't as crucial as it once was, but for a binge watcher it can be helpful. TV Guide Magazine is something fun to look through during commercial breaks. The show schedule can be a helpful reference when you need the info quickly.

Now that you've seen some of the top birthday gifts for binge-watching, you are definitely ready for that next birthday party. You may also have a few ideas of what you want for your next birthday.