LTE/5G Filter



The Channel Master LTE Filter improves over the air (antenna) signals by filtering out mobile LTE signal interference.

Check out the CM-7777HD, which has a built-in LTE Filter plus amplifies your signal.

The Channel Master LTE Filter is designed to clear your OTA TV signal path from the common interference created by mobile LTE signals. The proliferation of LTE signal towers and connected LTE devices are a common cause of intermittent television signal disruption because mobile carriers operate on frequencies that can be very close to your broadcast TV frequencies. These disruptions can result in weak signals, pixelation or even channel loss, and can be especially disruptive when using an amplifier with your TV antenna.

Channel Master highly recommends using an LTE Filter with TV antenna installations in metro and suburban areas in order to assure optimum performance. If you require an amplifier for your TV antenna installation, we recommend the Channel Master Amplify, a high-end amplifier that includes an internal LTE filter. If you are already using an amplifier with your TV antenna, the LTE Filter will work with your existing installation.

What’s Included

LTE Filter
1-Year Limited Warranty


Blocks Interference from 3G, 4G and 5G Smartphones and Transmitters
Minimal Setup is Required
Professional Grade Construction and Quality

Tech Specs

Electrical Specifications

Frequencies Pass 5 - 608 MHz
Frequencies Block 609 - 3000 MHz

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector F-type
Output Connector F-type
Weight 1.6 oz
Size 2.375 x .75 x .75 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 291 reviews
LTE Filter

I installed the LTE filter along with an FM filter, between the two of them they have greatly reduced interference with much less picture loss.

Makes a big improvement

Before I had this, I had to switch the antenna amplifier on/off depending on which channel I wanted to watch. Now I can keep it on all the time and don’t have to fuss with the antenna. Before, I couldn’t get my local PBS station no matter what I tried, now it’s clear as day. Takes a minute to install and saves me a bunch of hassle, great product.

Good riddance

Got rid of a ton of signal scatter and pixelation or sound cutouts, so substantially better performance.
Our house aligns with 2 local stations the have transmitters only 2 compass degrees from alignment, so the closest is always clear, and we're in the Detroit metro sprawl with cell towers that predictably do interference during weekday rush hours, making the evening news from the "blocked tower" almost unwatchable, save overcast skies that afford enough signal bounce.
Beats paying $80+/month for cable👍🎇


All of a sudden one mourning I have trouble with many of my tv stations and when trucks went by also some cars, much less late at night. After some research it looked to be my best option & lest expensive starting point. I received the filter in a timely manner and installed it inside before any thing else. WOW I got all my channels back and it improved the clarity with all my stations pictures. Best money I have spent on tv by far ( about 8 years with this one) I will up grade with the amp with filter some time and maybe a better antenna later on. The 4 is because sometimes I have a little interference moment, but a cell tower is less than a 1/2 mile away. THANK YOU for a great product

Sharp signal!

If you want to see clear a clear hdtv picture , this is it! But in seeing more channels this dont work! Just wish channel master builds one not to only see clear picture but more channels as well. Good job channel master!