How To Watch This is Us

What TV show makes you laugh, shed happy and sad tears and smile like you never have before all in one hour-long episode? If you answered This Is Us, the rest of the population would agree with you.

Last season left us with a joyous and emotional wedding occasion between Kate and Toby but also a moment filled with heartbreak when we finally discovered how Jack passed away. We also left off with Randall and Beth going through the adoption process with Deja, and what's going on with Kevin and Zoe? Needless to say, season 2 was an emotional rollercoaster that left us with a lot of questions.

Thankfully, season 3 of This Is Us premieres this month, so we don't have to wait too long to get the answers. While you're bracing yourself to find out what happens next in this time-jumping tale, decide now how to watch This Is Us so you don't miss a single second of the new season.

How To Watch This Is Us

TV Antenna

Imagine having the ability to watch This Is Us every Tuesday night live on TV while not paying that pesky cable bill. Imagine no more, because this is a reality when you use a Channel Master TV antenna. TV antennas pick up over-the-air broadcasting and bring live tv into your home. Channel Master has been in the TV antenna business for over 65 years and offers in-home and outdoor antennas fit to get you the TV broadcasting access you desire, all at a convenient price. Cut the cord on cable and watch This Is Us live every Tuesday night with a TV antenna.


Streaming This Is Us episodes online can be a viable option for those wondering how to watch This Is Us. This Is Us plays on NBC, which offers episodes online via the NBC website or app. Be aware that episodes do not become available as they're airing on TV. The latest episodes are available 24 hours to sometimes a week after the live TV premiere date.

Buy Episodes

If you're looking for a different type of watching option, individual episodes can be purchased on Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes. This can be a more expensive option but can get the job done when you're figuring out how to watch This Is Us.

Get prepared for the new season by figuring out how to watch This Is Us now. Whether you decide to cut the cord and use a TV antenna or any of the other listed options above, This Is Us is one show that's worth figuring out a way to watch.