Complete OTA TV System for Metro Areas

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The Complete OTA TV System for Metro Areas includes everything you need to receive and record free broadcast signals from up to 50 miles away. It includes the Omni+ an omni-directional outdoor antenna that receives high definition and digital signals from all directions, the TiVo EDGE OTA DVR with All-In Service and 50 FT Coaxial Cable.


The TiVo EDGE is the most advanced over-the-air antenna DVR on the market. The TiVo EDGE DVR has 2 tuners allowing you to record up to 2 programs at once and includes 500GB of storage built-in for up to 75 hours of HD recording. The DVR is easy to install and will work with any TV antenna. This all-in-one device is easy to use and lets you enjoy live, recorded, and streaming TV in one powerful device. No more switching from one device to another when the TiVo EDGE has it all! This model does NOT require additional fees. An all-in subscription to TiVo service is included with this model (service for the life of device including ownership transfer).

Omni+ Antenna

The Omni+ is an HDTV antenna capable of receiving HDTV signals from broadcast towers located more than 50 miles away. Named for its omni-directional capabilities, the Omni+ can receive signals from all directions simultaneously which reduces the need for precise pointing and eliminates the need to rotate your antenna when towers are located in multiple directions. The Omni+ was designed in the USA in 2018 and optimized for the reception of next-gen broadcast technologies including ATSC 3.0, 4K and HDR.

What’s Included

Omni+ Antenna
TiVo EDGE Antenna DVR - 500GB (with All-In Service)
50 FT Coaxial Cable
Installation Guide
1-Year Limited Warranty


Reception Range Up to 50 Miles
Type Outdoor
Reception Pattern Omni-directional
Installation Roof, Attic, Mast, Eave, Chimney

Tech Specs

Omni+ Electrical Specifications

Bandwith 54 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
VHF Gain 4.5dB
UHF Gain 4.3dB
Front to Back Ratio Omni-directional
Return Loss N/A
Impedance 75 Ohm
Power Supply N/A

Omni+ Mechanical Specifications

Boom Length N/A
Number of Elements N/A
Max Element Width 24.8 in.
Mounting Clamp Wall Bracket with U-bolt up to 1-3/4"
Turning Radius 19 in.
Output Connector F-type
Wind Resistance (at 100 mph, no ice) - 2.75 lb
Size (product) 28.75 x 9.75 x 2 in
Size (packaging) 12.8 x 11.9 x 3.2 in
Weight (product) 1.6 lb
Weight (packaging) 2.38 lb

TiVo Edge Inputs/Outputs

Coax Antenna, ATSC
Optical Audio Out
Remote Finder
HDMI 2.0 / (4K, 1080p 24/60)
USB 3.0 Ports x 2
Ethernet Port 10/100/1000 Mbps
Power 12V

TiVo Edge Specifications

Recording Capacity: Up to 75 Hours of HD
Tuners: 2
Hard Drive Size: 500GB
Video Output: v2.0 (4K 24/60, 1080p 24/60)
HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision
Dual Transcode
Built-in WiFi 802.11ac 4x4 DBS
Cable Card: No
Product Compatibility: Works with TiVo Mini and TiVo VOX DVRs
Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 11.4" x 7.3" x 1.8" in.
Product Weight: 1.9 lbs

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