Outdoor Balun/Matching Transformer Deluxe



The CM-3203 Antenna Balun Deluxe is a professional grade 300 to 75 Ohm impedance matching transformer used to connect standard coaxial cable to outdoor TV antennas with 300 Ohm connection terminals. It is compatible with all 300 Ohm outdoor TV antennas and enhances performance over in-expensive standard baluns.

The Channel Master CM-3203 Antenna Balun was designed to be the highest quality TV antenna balun on the market. Channel Master has designed, manufactured and sold TV antenna baluns or commonly referred to as, matching transformers for over 70 years and has led the industry with popular antenna baluns designed for professionals including the standard balun / matching transformer, the Channel Master model CM-94444. Through the years, installers and industry experts have touted this professional model as the best TV antenna balun / matching transformer on the market.

In most scenarios, the standard Channel Master CM-94444 balun is adequate and will provide a quality signal for many years! The enhanced CM-3203 Matching Transformer Deluxe was designed to ensure the highest performance and impedance match specifically for those installations that are severely challenged with signal issues. Our exclusive design not only provides the lowest insertion loss in the industry with its metal outer housing and internal circuit board design, but it also has a unique feature which allows the user to replace the leads over time as a preventative maintenance measure. If you are replacing an old faulty balun, or are simply looking for a premium balun for your new installation, the CM-3203 is the highest quality and only metal 300 to 75 Ohm balun on the market.

What’s Included

Outdoor Balun/Matching Transformer Deluxe
1-Year Limited Warranty


Replaceable Leads with Weather Seal
Weatherproof Metal Housing
Enhanced Circuit Board Design
Low Insertion Loss

Tech Specs

Matching Transformer 300 to 75 Ohm
Product Size (LxWxH) 8 x 0.5 x 0.5 in.
Product Weight 1.7 oz.

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