Coaxial Cable Preparation Tool/Stripper



The Channel Master Coaxial Cable Preparation Tool is commonly referred to as a cable stripper and is used to prepare coaxial cable for connector installation.

Factory-calibrated coax cable stripper removes the right amount of cable jacket, cuts the braid and dielectric to the proper length, and exposes the center conductor in one smooth operation. Works on RG-6 and RG-59 standard-shield, tri-shield and quad-shield coaxial cables.

What’s Included

Coax Cable Preparation Tool
Instruction Sheet
1-Year Limited Warranty


Preps coaxial cable for creating connectorized coaxial cables
Lightweight and compact
Professional-grade performance
Easy to use
High-quality weatherproof design for use outdoors

Tech Specs


Coaxial Cable Type RG6/RG59
Size (product) 5 x 1.875 x 1.25 in
Weight (product) .5 lb

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