Antenna Installation Upgrade Kit

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Improve the strength, quality and security of your over-the-air TV reception by replacing old, damaged or inferior equipment. The Channel Master Antenna Installation Upgrade Kit includes everything needed in order to update old antenna systems with the latest and greatest high quality parts and accessories available.

LTE Filter

The Channel Master LTE Filter is designed to clear your OTA TV signal path from the common interference created by mobile LTE signals. The proliferation of LTE signal towers and connected LTE devices are a common cause of intermittent television signal disruption because mobile carriers operate on frequencies that can be very close to your broadcast TV frequencies. These disruptions can result in weak signals, pixilation or even channel loss, and can be especially disruptive when using an amplifier with your TV antenna.

Antenna Balun/Matching Transformer Deluxe

The enhanced CM-3203 matching transformer was designed to ensure as the highest performance impedance match specifically for those installations that are severely challenged with signal issues. Our exclusive design not only provides the lowest insertion loss in the industry with its metal outer housing and internal circuit board design but it also has a unique feature which allows the user to replace the leads over time as a preventative maintenance measure. If you are replacing an old faulty balun or simply looking for a premium balun for you new installation, the CM-3203 is the highest quality and only metal 300 ohm to 75 ohm balun on the market.

Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor

The Channel Master TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor is designed to reduce the chances of damage to electronic equipment caused by lightning and electrical surges. Channel Master always recommends proper grounding of an outdoor antenna but in instances where a grounding solution was not installed, the TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor provides an added layer of protection to help reduce electronic equipment damage caused by lightning and electrical surges.

Coaxial Cable Prep Tool/Stripper

The Channel Master Coaxial Cable Preparation Tool is commonly referred to as a cable stripper and is used to prepare coaxial cable for connector installation.

Factory-calibrated coax cable stripper removes the right amount of cable jacket, cuts the braid and dielectric to the proper length, and exposes the center conductor in one smooth operation. Works on RG-6 and RG-59 standard-shield, tri-shield and quad-shield coaxial cables.

Connector Compression Tool

The Channel Master Connector Compression Tool is used to install Channel Master F-type Connectors onto coaxial cable (Cable must be prepped first using a certified cable preparation tool such as the CM-1020).

The Channel Master F connector compression tool is used to install Channel Master CM-7170 connectors onto coaxial cable. This tool will also work with many other manufacturers’ F connectors. It is designed to let the tool get into very tight working spaces to compress the F connector, such as very short lengths of coaxial cable coming out of wall plates.

10-Pack Coaxial Compression "F" Connectors

Channel Master Coaxial Compression F-Type Connectors are professional grade connectors designed for High-End systems that demand the highest quality digital audio/video transmissions as well as high-speed data transmissions over coaxial cable.

Leveraging over 60 years of experience building professional-grade television reception products, Channel Master has developed the most robust coaxial connector on the market designed specifically for high-end audio/video systems and professional TV antenna installations. Poor quality coaxial connections are a leading point of failure in cable, satellite and TV antenna systems, taking this into consideration Channel Master has integrated key technical features that will prevent 99.9% of single issues that arise from poor coaxial connections. In addition to industry leading performance, the Channel Master Coaxial Connectors have a high-end nickel-tin finish that looks elegant when the connection to equipment is visible.

50' Coaxial Cable White

50’ Coaxial Cable White is a 50’ length, white RG6 coaxial cable for use indoors or outdoors.

What’s Included

LTE Filter
Balun Matching Transformer Deluxe
TV Antenna Lightning Surge Suppressor
Cable Preparation Tool
Connector Compression Tool
(10) Connectors
50 Ft RG6 Coaxial Cable White
Instruction Sheets
1-Year Limited Warranty

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