Where To Watch The Bachelor

Christmas may be over but it's a joyous season for reality TV fans. Yes, The Bachelor is back. One man trying to find true love between 24 girls, what could go wrong? Don't miss any group date, any rose or any moment of the drama by watching this season of The Bachelor. But you may be wondering where to watch it. Chris Harrison may not be here to give you guidance but we have the next best thing, a list of our top picks of where to watch The Bachelor.

TV Antenna

What do you think of cutting the cable bill while still being able to watch live TV? Sounds pretty great, right? Well, this can be a reality with Channel Master. Channel Master has been a household name in the TV antenna industry for over 70 years. With a wide variety of indoor TV antennas and outdoor TV antennas, Channel Master is the answer to personalized live TV viewing for a great price. Channel Master makes it easy to find the right antenna for your viewing needs with a comprehensive Antenna Selection Guide. Plug in your address and zip code to figure out which antenna is best for you! Watching The Bachelor can be easy and cost-efficient with these advanced TV antennas that aim to find the most channels at the best level of quality. So, in true Bachelor fashion, will you accept this TV antenna?


The streaming service Hulu can be a great option when you're wondering where to watch The Bachelor. Hulu allows episodes to be played the day after they air. They also keep the previous episodes on the platform for you to catch up on. Start midseason to binge all at once or stay up to date the day after they air. For new subscribers, Hulu offers the first month free. Hulu plans start at $7.99. However, price may increase depending on which package is chosen.


The Bachelor's home is on ABC so using the ABC Go website and app make watching the show extremely convenient. The most recent episode is available to view the week after it airs on live TV. If you would like to watch the most recent episode sooner, you typically have to supply cable credentials to watch it. ABC also offers bonus materials in case one episode is not enough. You'll get access to more cast interviews and contestant information.

City TV

City TV is an online streaming service that allows you to watch Bachelor episodes right within the website. After the live TV air date, City TV has the episode available to watch for the next six days, until the next one airs. After that, the episodes becomes locked. At that point you will need to sign in with a cable TV provider.

Do not miss a single second of the reality TV drama! From a state-of-the-art TV antenna to a major network app, you have a variety of options to watch your favorite show. Now you have to confront the most dramatic decision ever, figuring out where to watch The Bachelor.