How To Watch The Patriots Game

Patriots fans! We've all been there. You've used up all the free trials you can find and you're tired of watching the clipart football on Google as you slam the reload button for the next play. The fantasy experts say Brady is going to be one to watch as usual, but you just want to watch the game. With so many options out there for viewing, it can be hard to sort through the noise and pick the right service to meet your needs. It's time you take control of your game day, and we've got what you're looking for. We've compiled the top providers for when you're wondering how to watch the Patriots game. If that's not a Gronk spike, we don't know what is!

How To Watch The Patriots Game

TV Antenna

Can you imagine life without a cable bill? This dream can be a reality with a Channel Master TV antenna. Specifically the SMARTenna+, which has been called the world's smartest indoor TV antenna. The internal processor analyzes TV signals and automatically selects the best reception pattern, all to deliver a higher number of channels at the best signal quality. Channel Master also offers a variety of outdoor TV antennas too. A Channel Master TV antenna allows you to watch football games in your area. Not having to pay that pesky cable bill sounds like a win to us.

NFL Game Pass

If you haven't already used it, there's a free trial for the NFL Game Pass. If you have already used it, it can cost around $50 for you to watch any game, anytime, from anywhere with the NFL Game Pass. Whether it's last night's game or last week's, you will be able to watch it on repeat if you choose to spend the cash. With this pass you won't have to tune in to ESPN to watch the best plays.

Streaming Service

A Hulu Live subscription can help you when you're wondering how to watch the Patriots game. This $40 subscription allows you to view traditional channels to catch up on all of your games. From ESPN to CBS Sports--no need to search for highlights. This is a specific package within Hulu and available games may vary depending on the area you live in.


The NFL app allows you to watch your favorite team on the go. You can carry Brady in your pocket for that gap during your lunch break.The NFL app allows you to stream select content and watch previous footage. Plus, you'll be the first to hear any breaking news with their news alerts. With all this information, you may be ready to coach the team yourself.

Don't fall behind this year. Enjoy the football season with peace of mind, knowing how to watch the Patriots game before the game even begins. From a sophisticated TV antenna to the NFL app, take your pick and kick back on the couch to support your favorite team.