How To Watch Riverdale

With the colder months upon us, what better way to spend an evening than watching the TV drama, Riverdale.

Without spoiling the series, here's a rundown of the plot: Lead character Archie Andrews is dealing with a rocky start to the school year. His friendship with his buddy Jughead Jones is crumbling, and he's had a falling out with a close mentor who was essential to his dream career. He's got a crush on the new girl...but it's complicated. On top of all this small-town drama lurks big news--the recent death of Jason Blossom.

Grab a blanket, some snacks, and your TV remote, because you're going to want to find out what happens in this mysterious drama. Read ahead to learn how to watch Riverdale hassle-free from home.

TV Antenna

Channel Master has been providing TV freedom to homes across the country for over 70 years. Catch up on everything Archie and Jughead are up to with Channel Master's SMARTenna+,which has been hailed as "the world's smartest TV antenna."" It houses an internal processor that analyzes TV signals and automatically selects the best reception pattern. This Indoor antenna is an amplified, maximum-range antenna that houses seven different "virtual" TV antennas inside a single device. Not to mention, it features a sleek and modern design. Get a SMARTenna+ to say goodbye to your cable bill and to stop wondering how to watch Riverdale.

Paid Streaming Service

Paid streaming services like Netflix and Hulu can be great resources for catching up on your favorite shows, especially when you're on-the-go. Both streaming services start at $8 per month, and sometimes offer exclusives where you can get a free month-long subscription at the start. Something to note: Netflix streaming does often take a few months to receive the latest seasons of TV shows. Be sure to tell your friends not to leak any spoilers!


For those who don't want to to purchase a streaming service, watching online is a fine option as well. Riverdale is aired on The CW, so you can tune in on The CW website or app. You may also still need to be paying for cable. Sometimes, you have to input your cable information to be able to access a channel's app. Also, keep in mind that it takes anywhere between 24 hours and a full week for the most recent episodes to show up on the site or app. Thus, if you're an avid watcher and need to see the latest episode ASAP, try one of the aforementioned options above.

If you're catching up on a missed episode, or starting from the beginning, you do not want to miss out on a second of the drama. Which means you don't want to be wondering how to watch Riverdale in the first place. From Channel Master's advanced TV antenna to a streaming app, it's time to make your pick!