How To Watch Bachelor In Paradise

Your favorite reality TV franchise is taking on Mexico! Bachelor In Paradise is filled with the same laughs, love and drama as the two series it spawned from, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But the Bachelor In Paradise season doesn't last long which means it's even more important to figure out how you will be watching it.

The 6-week series means each episode is crucial to the story line and you do not want to miss what Chris Harrison has up his sleeve. Will your favorite couples make it? Who will get engaged at the end? Find out the answers by learning how to Watch Bachelor In Paradise below.

Now for the most dramatic decision ever, you need to decide how to watch Bachelor In Paradise.

How To Watch Bachelor In Paradise

TV Antenna

Watching Bachelor In Paradise live on TV without having to pay a cable bill. For over 65 years, Channel Master has offered a seamless way to cut the cord on cable and provide you with easy streamline TV viewing. Channel Master offers a variety of TV antennas with a many different range options. Watch every rose ceremony with ease with a Channel Master TV antenna. For a one-time antenna purchase, you'll be able to watch Bachelor In Paradise, along with all of the other Bachelor franchises, now and forever on the night they air.

ABC Online

The ABC website offers streaming services for all of its television shows. Navigate to the Bachelor In Paradise section on to locate the latest episodes. However, the most recent episodes become available to watch the following week after they premiere on TV.

A Paid Streaming Service

The streaming service Hulu gives you an opportunity to watch Bachelor In Paradise online. On Hulu, episodes do expire so if you want to view the whole season be sure to keep up to date and watch as close to the date added on Hulu as possible. To view Bachelor In Paradise you will need to become a member of Hulu. The lowest Hulu payment plan is about $7.99 a month.

Don't miss a a second of the drama on Bachelor In Paradise this season. Whether you decide to use a TV antenna or another method of streaming, your decision on how to watch Bachelor In Paradise has never been easier. Now, which method of watching Bachelor In Paradise will receive your final rose?