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Average amount of content stored on Cable and Satellite DVRs that comes from the major broadcast networks - and available for free from a TV antenna.


Average amount of your Cable or Satellite programming fee that is paying for sports content whether you watch it or not.


Average number of channels in a Cable or Satellite TV package.


Average number of channels you actually watch in your Cable or Satellite TV package.


Average length of a Cable or Satellite TV contract that includes heavy fees for early cancellation.

No More Paying for Content You Don't Watch

Get the vast majority of your favorite TV programming for free and pay only for the Cable shows that you want. No more paying for multiple channels just to watch a handful of shows.

No More Contracts & Equipment Fees

With Channel Master you own your TV antenna and DVR. No leasing, no monthly fees, no taxes and no commitments. Moving? Take it with you, it's yours.

The Familiar TV Experience You're Used To

No fancy new technology to learn. No confusing menus and navigation. With Channel Master you have a familiar channel guide that scrolls up and down, and a DVR to record your shows, just like your Cable or Satellite service.

All the Essentials

  • The Highest Quality HD
  • 14-Day Channel Guide
  • Pause and Record Live TV
  • Rent or Purchase On Demand Titles
  • Stream 24/7 Music Channels

Easy Installation

No installer required. You're going to connect the TV antenna to the DVR and connect the DVR to the TV. That's it. The on-screen wizard will walk you through completing the installation and connecting the DVR to your home network.

Up to 100 Free Local Broadcast Channels

  • Check Your Channels

    Enter your address or zip code for a complete channel listing for your area.

Streaming Services

Vudu Movies & Shows

Get new-release movies and current-season TV shows. Pay only for what you want, no subscription required.

Movies start at $2.99

Watch YouTube on your television, including music videos, movie trailers and the hottest channels, in HD.

Discover new music and enjoy old favorites on Pandora's free, customizable Internet radio service.

Channel Master Welcome Kit

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30 day money back guarantee

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