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Set Top Box Accessories


<em>1TB</em> Expansion USB Hard Drive 1TB Expansion USB Hard Drive

1TB expansion USB hard drive for the Stream+. 160 hours of recording capacity.

Price: $89.00

IR/RF Voice Control Backlit Remote TiVo LUX Remote

The voice-control TiVo LUX Remote with a see-in-the-dark backlit keypad lets you press the right key, no matter the lighting.

Price: $49.00
Replacement Stream+ Remote Stream+ Replacement Remote

Replacement remote for the CM-7600 Stream+ Media Player.

Batteries included.

Price: $29.00

Replacement Apple TV Remote Simple Remote - Remote Control for Apple TV

The Channel Master Simple Remote is designed to function as an alternative remote control for Apple TV devices (4th Generation).

Price: $25.00