Press Releases

August 19, 2020
Channel Master Selects TiVo’s Next-Generation DVR and Discovery Technology for Over-the-Air Customers

April 9, 2018
TV Reception Expert Channel Master Joins Phoenix Model Market Project Focused on Next-Generation TV Transition

January 8, 2018
Channel Master and Ethertronics Announce the First Processor-Enabled Consumer TV Antenna

December 19, 2017
Channel Master Announces Stream+™ Media Player with Internal TV Tuners, Android TV, and Live Channels DVR.

June 29, 2017
Channel Master Commits $1M to TV Freedom Sales Event Beginning July 4

January 5, 2017
Channel Master Debuts Antenna Success Product Line

August 11, 2016
Channel Master Announces Unprecedented Run on TV Antennas Prior to Olympics

April 5, 2016
Channel Master to Give Away TV Antennas on Tax Day

March 29, 2016
Channel Master Partners with Newsy to Expand Live TV Lineup

January 5, 2016
Channel Master Now Supports Sling TV, Delivers Premium Programming to DVR+ Customers

November 19, 2015
Channel Master Announces Black Friday Cord Cutting Deals

November 17, 2015
Channel Master Opens Live Streaming Platform to Media Companies

June 8, 2015
Channel Master Adds Live Internet Channels to DVR+ Platform

January 5, 2015
Channel Master Debuts Linear Online Video Delivery at International CES

November 21, 2014
Channel Master Announces Holiday Bonanza for Cord Cutters

October 29, 2014
Channel Master Exhibits TV Freedom Innovation at PepCom

September 15, 2014
Channel Master Spices Up DVR+ with Pandora Internet Radio, Free Shipping and PayPal Credit Finance Option

August 20, 2014
Channel Master Introduces $10 Antenna with Free Shipping

July 9, 2014
Channel Master Serves Up New DVR+ Model with 1TB Internal Hard Drive

June 26, 2014
Channel Master Gives Aereo Subscribers Free Antenna and DVR Discount

February 21, 2014
Channel Master Announces Replenished Inventory of Popular DVR+ Product

January 5, 2014
Channel Master's DVR+, Garners CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award

December 16, 2013
Channel Master Introduces DVR+, Promises TV Freedom for Consumers

November 14, 2013
Channel Master Adds Slingbox to Retail Lineup

September 4, 2013
Channel Master's Digital Broadcast Antenna Sales Surge!

July 17, 2013
Broadcast Interactive Media and Channel Master Partnership Introduces New Antenna Selection Tool for Consumers

January 8, 2013
Channel Master Launches New Antennas

August 22, 2011
Channel Master Home Networking MoCA Adapters and Powerline Adapters Now Offered by National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC)

July 6, 2011
Entropic Communications Powers Channel Master's Internet-to-TV Adapters

November 10, 2010
Channel Master to Offer Cost Effective, Next-generation Set-top Box Fully Certified with Minerva Networks Television Management Platforms