Channel Master



Customer service over the top!

CJ Mettler on Feb 17, 2023

Customer service over the top! I had a mixup in the ordering and I got personal phone calls and help from the person at channel master. I would definitely buy from this company again. Thank you.


Ross Henning on Oct 11, 2023

Wow! I was not expecting this antenna to be so well made. In a world where the consumer is inundated with cheap Chinese-made junk being passed off as quality, it is extremely refreshing to happen upon a product that's made like things ought to be made. Firstly, this antenna came in a box where it was very well packed, not simply folded up and crammed into a box. In fact, nothing on this antenna is folded. It comes with very good assembly instructions, and everything is very well labeled. It is like the master class in how to ship a product that needs to be assembled by the end consumer. While assembling the antenna, it's very obvious that this isn't one of those cheap, stamped metal jobs. Each joint is a reinforced and threaded for machine screws. The elements are fully round rods. I have no doubt this antenna could last for decades! Oh, did I mention that it pegged my signal strength meters where other antennas were bringing me up to 73% or so? Yes, it costs more than most of the antennas on Amazon, but you get what you pay for. This is the only antenna in this class that I would recommend going forward.

Pre Amp 1 is extremely well designed

Roy O'Kelly on Jun 22, 2023

I purchased this device to replace an old distribution amplifier that no longer worked well with an ASTC 3.0 TV. I found the Channel Master video describing the product and how it worked to be very informative providing succinct information about what to expect (no fluff). The Pre-amp arrived promptly and readily supplied a strong signal to my 4 TVs from an attic mounted antenna located 35 mi. from downtown Chicago. It mounted easily and securely. I recommend it without reservation.