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TV Freedom   It's TV on your terms.

Simply put, TV Freedom is your answer to the high costs and contracts of traditional pay-TV services.

Do you feel chained by your TV service, shackled by ever-rising fees for a lot of stuff that you don’t watch?

How about being at the mercy of contract wars between the content owners and the TV providers when, without warning, they shut off access to some of your programming?

Channel Master has been delivering TV programming to consumers for 65 years and we are the experts in free over-the-air broadcast TV.

We’re here to show you how to achieve TV Freedom on your own terms, no subscription required.

Rising programming costs
Fees for local network broadcasts
Fees for DVR
Fees for set-top boxes
Losing channels due to blackouts

Don’t cut the cord. You’ll want your Internet service to
stream On Demand video. Break the chains instead.

If you’re seeking alternatives to your pay-TV service due to any of these items, you’re probably ready to learn more!

The thought of canceling your pay-TV service can be scary at first. Don’t worry, we’re going to help with that.

Keep reading and we’ll explain how you can be pay-TV-free and still have the ability to watch, record and access all of the most popular TV programming.

Free Broadcast TV  It’s most of what you watch.

Before the wide adoption of cable TV in the 1980s, people got their TV programming from a 100% free source, over-the-air broadcast, through the use of an aerial antenna connected to their TV.

Over-the-air broadcast has not gone away. Not only does it still exist, delivered over free public spectrum by your local broadcast stations, it got even better! It went digital in 2009.

This means that over-the-air broadcast TV is the highest quality HD available, video signals that are uncompressed, unlike what you get from a pay-TV provider.

What will I get from broadcast TV?

A lot! The majority of television programming that is watched and recorded in North America comes from local broadcast stations.

Don’t worry. Your setup won’t look like this!
Modern antennas are just as sleek as modern TVs.

You’re going to get all of the major networks – ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, the CW – as well as a great deal of other local stations that you likely never knew existed because they’re probably not carried by your pay-TV provider. You will be amazed at the content you’ll discover.

Not only are people mostly watching and recording content that is available from local broadcast stations for free, they are paying for it. That’s right. The broadcasters sell the content to the TV providers for the right to retransmit the signal and consumers pay for it in their bill.

Subscription-Free DVR  You don’t have to pay to record.

The ability to record your favorite shows and watch them at your convenience has been around since the VCR came of age in the 1980s.

The DVR was introduced in 1999, making recording much more convenient by eliminating the need for those pesky video tapes!

With a VCR, the consumer simply purchased the product and took it home to use – no monthly fees.

Today, DVR's are mainly available through pay-TV or equipment providers that charge a monthly subscription fee for the ability to record and play back programming.

We love recording our TV content so much that we
filled many millions of these with our favorite shows.

Channel Master offers a premium DVR that can be purchased off-the-shelf and never requires a subscription for the privilege of being able to record and play back your TV content!

Pay-TV Comparison  Oh the money you’ll save.

Here’s a tip: your pay-TV bill is NEVER going to go down, it will only go up.

Content owners will continue to charge more for premium non-local programming, particularly sports. Broadcasters will continue to charge more for the retransmission of local programming by your pay-TV provider.

Someone will have to pay for it and, you guessed it, it ends up in your monthly bill.

How many years have you been paying for TV?

Pay TV TV Freedom
Free Broadcast

Subscription-Free DVR

No Contract

Highest Quality HD

No Channel Blackouts

No Equipment Leasing

Access to Video
Streaming Services
Average Monthly

Getting Started  Here’s what we recommend.

Digital Antenna

Just with the purchase of a digital antenna you have already achieved MAVERICK TV Freedom status!

This critical element is the key to providing you with subscription-free broadcast network programming in crystal clear HD.

Subscription-Free DVR

Now you’re cooking. With all of that great free broadcast programming, you’re going to want to be able to pause live TV and record all of your favorite shows.

With the addition of a subscription-free over-the-air DVR you are a TV Freedom ACE!

Broadband Connection

You may already have a connected device that allows you to access online video streaming services for On Demand viewing of your favorite TV shows and movies.

If so, and you also have a digital antenna and subscription-free DVR, you are a TV Freedom ROCK STAR!

The Channel Master DVR+ integrates streaming video services directly into the program guide so you don’t have to switch between devices when you want to change from live TV to On Demand video.

Channel Master SMARTenna

Channel Master DVR+

Channel Master DVR+
Integrated Program Guide