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About.com Channel Master DVR+ Review
by Bob Piercy | August 14, 2014
Channel Master was kind enough to send me a review unit of their DVR+. The Channel Master DVR+ is a digital video recorder that is targeted at Over The Air TV viewers. Channel Master describes it as "The only subscription-free over-the-air DVR that integrates online streaming services and lets you choose your recording capacity. It's TV Freedom." Click here to read more.
About.com Channel Master DVR+ 1TB: Review
by Dr Prem Jagyasi | July 9, 2014
Channel Master has recently launched the fresh version of its previous over-the-air (OTA) recorder that did not come with a hard drive. Thus, the company has now released an integrated model of its OTA digital video recorder called Channel Master DVR+ 1TB. Click here to read more.
About.com Channel Master DVR+ Antenna DVR With 1TB Hard Drive - Product of the Week
by Robert Silva | July 9, 2014
Well-known TV antenna maker, Channel Master, has announced a new version of its popular DVR+ Antenna DVR.

While the standard DVR+ provides up to two hours of recording storage with a built-in 16GB hard drive, and also provides two USB ports that allow almost unlimited storage expansion with compatible external hard drives (1TB and 3TB options available), Channel Master has decided to offer up a new version that eliminates some of the need to add an external hard drive (although you still can) by incorporating an internal 1TB hard drive in place of the smaller 16GB drive installed in the standard version. Click here to read more.
Zatz-Not-Funny-logo Channel Master DVR+ Updated With 1TB Internal Drive
By Dave Zatz | July 9, 2014
Channel Master has just updated their DVR+ line with a $400 model that houses a roomy 1TB internal drive - versus the original's bring-your-own USB storage approach that requires more clutter, more complexity. We quite like the DVR+ and believe it's a solid option for those seeking an over-the-air recorder and coming from VCR or new to DVR Click here to read more.
Digital Trends Channel Master's OTA DVR+ now available with 1TB internal hard drive
by Caleb Denison | July 9, 2014
If you're thinking about ditching your cable or satellite company in favor of a blend of streaming video services like Netflix and free over-the-air (OTA) broadcast television, then an OTA DVR that lets you record all that free TV may be a tool you should look into. There are several solutions out there now, but none of them are quite as simple, straightforward and sleek as Channel Master's DVR+. Click here to view video.
Multichannel News Logo Channel Master Beefs Up Its DVR
By Jeff Baumgartner | July 9, 2014 11:00 AM
Channel Master has introduced a new (and more expensive) version of its subscription-less DVR+ platform that includes 1 terabyte of internal storage, complementing an original model that built in just 16 Gigabytes and required the user to provide an external USB-connected hard drive. Click here to read more.
CNET Logo Channel Master adds 1TB model to DVR+ line
by Sarah Tew | July 9, 2014 5:00 AM
Channel Master released its newest OTA recorder early this year, and while it was well-received, it had one shortfall: it didn't come with a hard drive. While you can now buy the product bundled with an external drive, Channel Master has announced an integrated solution: the Channel Master DVR+ 1TB. As the name suggests this version comes with an onboard 1TB drive, and it will retail for $400. Click here to read more.
washington post How to get broadcast TV for free, even without Aereo
by Aaron Sankin | June 30, 2014
Last Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court effectively drove a stake through the heart of Aereo, a company that allowed users to stream network television over the Internet. Aereo also functions as a DVR service, letting its customers watch local programming they had recorded and stored on the company's cloud-based servers. Aereo's CEO has pledged to keep the the company going, but the demise of its current service is all but assured. Click here to read more.
CNET Logo Aereo alternatives for recording free over-the-air TV (roundup)
by Matthew Moskovciak | June 26, 2014
Aereo promised a breakthrough service for cord-cutters: the ability to watch and record over-the-air TV without the hassle of an antenna or additional hardware for $8 to $12 a month.

Wednesday's Supreme Court decision against Aereo means the company's current service is effectively illegal. (CBS, the parent company of CNET, is one of the companies that brought the suit against Aereo.) But that doesn't mean that cable cutters are out of options. Over the last year, several compelling over-the-air recording solutions have hit the market, making it easier for cord cutters to supplement streaming video services like Netflix with traditional network television, as long as you get reception. Click here to read more.
International Business Times After Aereo: Here Are The Best Streaming TV Options For Cord Cutters
by Thomas Halleck | June 26, 2014
Fortunately for Aereo users, there are a number of great alternatives. While broadcast and cable TV stays locked up in bundles, a new generation of content providers are bypassing the cable system and creating content for set-top boxes, consoles and smart TVs. Click here to read more.
The Street No More Aereo? There Are Lots of Other Cord-Cutting Solutions
by Gary Krakow | June 26, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona-based Channel Master has just announced a discount for current Aereo subscribers who will be looking for another method to get their OTA TV fix. The company has been making television antennas for more than 60 years. Click here to read more.
The Consumerist Aereo May Be Going Away, But You Can Still Get Something Aereo-Like At Home
by Chris Morran | June 25, 2014
While we join the hordes of cord-cutters around the country who are still reeling from the death notice nailed to the door of Aereo by the Supreme Court this morning, we would be remiss if we didn't remind you can still receive and record over-the-air broadcast feeds on your computers and TVs in ways that SCOTUS hasn't gutted like a Thanksgiving turkey.

As my colleague Kate Cox detailed in this post in May, it's not that difficult to replicate much of the Aereo experience. Click here to read more.
Tom's Guide Best Aereo Alternatives
by Marshall Honorof | June 25, 2014
Videophiles and cord cutters who have been following the Aereo Supreme Court case know by now that the service is effectively dead, with the Court ruling 6-3 in favor of broadcasters that accused Aereo of violating copyright law. Aereo allowed viewers to watch live, antenna-based TV streamed over the Internet to computers and mobile devices. Although Aereo is on its way out, its functionality lives on in a number of other products and services. If you want to watch live network TV without shelling out for a cable subscription, you still have four options. Click here to read more.
Tom's Guide ChannelMaster DVR+ lets you bid adieu to your cable company
by Doug Bardwell | June 8, 2014
Been dying to tell your cable company goodbye? Now there's an alternative - ChannelMaster DVR+. Record shows, watch local news - all in beautiful HD - for free. $249.99 will buy you a ChannelMaster DVR+, which isn't cheap, but in a month or two of no cable bills, you'll be paid off and you'll watch TV for free for ever after. Take that cable bill, burn it, and with the money you'll save, you can rent all the movies you want. Click here to read more.
Tom's Guide Review: Channel Master DVR+
by Robert Heron | June 7, 2014
Indeed, the selection of subscription-free over-the-air (OTA) TV tuners that provide even the most basic of recording capabilities is limited at best. Furthermore, none of these products feature a dual-tuner configuration for the most basic DVR function: recording one channel while watching another live. The DVR+ from Channel Master elevates our future expectations by providing more than one OTA tuner in an easy to use, compact, package. Click here to read more.
USA Today Cutting the Cord: It doesn't mean dissing the DVR
by Mike Snider | May 10, 2014
You can cut the cord, but if you are like me, you can't likely live without a DVR.

Let's face it, few of us can commit to appointment TV anymore. So just in case you can't get home in time to catch the new episode of Scandal or The Voice, a backup plan is needed. Click here to read more.
Digital Trends Channel Master DVR+ Review
by Caleb Denison | May 9, 2014
If you're a cord-cutter, or even if you just live in an area without cable/satellite TV service, you've probably been searching for something like Channel Master's DVR+. The $250 DVR+ is a dual-tuner digital video recorder that works with an HD antenna to capture and record free, over-the-air (OTA) broadcast television. You don't have to connect it to the Internet - though if you do, you'll get a better program guide and access to video-on-demand service, Vudu - and there are no subscription fees to worry about. Click here to view video.
CNET Logo Channel Master DVR+ review: Subscription-free, no-frills DVR for over-the-air TV
by Matthew Moskovciak | May 1, 2014
The Good The Channel Master DVR+ records free over-the-air TV without any subscription fees. Program guide data is provided by Rovi at no extra charge. It has dual-tuner functionality and excellent image quality. And Vudu is supported, opening up access to streaming movies and TV shows on a pay-per-view basis.

The Bad While you can record a series, you can't tell the DVR+ to only record new episodes. The user interface is utilitarian, extended information like episode names and summaries is often hidden, and there are occasional glitches when playing back recordings. It also doesn't include the necessary hard drive or Wi-Fi adapter.

The Bottom Line Even if it is a little rough around the edges, the Channel Master DVR+ delivers on the cord-cutter promise of an over-the-air DVR+ without subscription fees. Click here to read more.
Go San Angelo Sound Advice: Searching for digital over-the-air TV recorders
by Don Lindich McClatchy | April 30, 2014
Q. In past columns you have discussed over-the-air TV and recommended antennas for its reception. On several occasions I've looked for video recorders with tuners that work in the digital over-the-air TV environment, as VHS recorders did in the old analog environment. I have had no success finding such a recorder. I say no success, because in the past I if I located a recorder it had terrible reviews and currently I can't find recorders advertised anywhere. Are there any companies manufacturing them? Furthermore, are there any recorders you are willing to recommend?

A. They say nature abhors a vacuum, and I have been wondering myself about the dearth of recorders on the market. Channel Master, an antenna manufacturer, has come out with a recorder that looks like a winner. I have not tested it yet, but based on Channel Master's reputation I am willing to mention it here until I have the opportunity to test one. Click here to read more.
Dallas News DVR+ brings over-the-air recording to cord cutters
by Jim Rossman | April 26, 2014
Cutting the cord.

You may or may not know the term, but I'm willing to bet that most of you have considered it at least once.

Cutting the cord refers to getting rid of pay TV and just living with over-the-air broadcasts and streaming services like Netflix.

When your TV bill comes in and you see that $75 to $200 (or more) monthly charge, it's easy to dream for a few minutes about not having to pay for TV. Click here to read more.
The Street #DigitalSkeptic: Channel Master Could Be Big Blade in Cable Cord Cutting
by Jonathan Blum | April 24, 2014
This slim, half-inch-high box, about the size of a decentish issue of Vogue, basically acts like a cutting-edge set-top driven TV, but tweaked to work with throwback digital broadcast television signals. Pay the flat $249 for the DVR+, connect it to any one of a number of readily available hard drives and HD antennas and, for no monthly fees, the unit offers a rich multichannel TV experience for broadcast TV shows and some online video services, such as Vudu. With a Slingbox 500, you can watch your Channel Master TV on any connected mobile device.

Now for sure, several issues loom with the Channel Master DVR+. (More on that in a moment.) But overall, since I first touched this box back at January's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it's become a little gizmo with a big story. Click here to read more.
Tech Hive Channel Master DVR+ review: Record over-the-air TV with no fees and few frills
by Susie Ochs | April 23, 2014
Cutting the cord doesn't have to mean cutting yourself off from broadcast TV. Depending on where you live, an HD antenna will let you pull in dozens of local channels over the air, including sports, news, big events like the Oscars, and a lot of the same network shows you'd find on, say, Hulu Plus.

Channel Master's DVR+ lets you record those shows, and unlike other DVRs such as the TiVo or the Tablo, it doesn't have a monthly fee for the channel guide. That makes it one of the cheapest ways around to record over-the-air TV just don't expect a slick presentation or a lot of bells and whistles. Optional accessories can expand the box's capabilities significantly, but it's nice to not have to pay for features you don't need. Click here to read more.
yahoo tech Five Ways to Kick the Cable TV Habit and Save Serious Cash
by Dan Tynan | April 14, 2014
There's nothing I despise more than paying a ginormous cable TV bill - except for filing my taxes, getting root canal surgery, and watching infomercials for The Potty Putter.

That's why, a few years ago, I decided to kick the cable habit and join the small but growing cadre of "cord cutters," people who've abandoned their pay TV subscriptions for the more interesting and generally more affordable pastures of Internet video. Click here to read more.
cord stomping DVR+ by ChannelMaster Review
by Fred Markle | April 10, 2014
The DVR+ is one of many OTA DVR coming to market this year. When I first read over the features of the DVR+ I wasn't impressed, mainly due to the lack of easy multi-room capabilities. After using the DVR+ for a couple of weeks I have found it to be very clean and simple to use. Click here to read more.
The Spectrum Monitor Channel Master's DVR+
by Ken Reitz | April 2, 2014
Last December, Channel Master introduced its DVR+, an OTA receiver with a 16 GB built-in memory, available direct from Channel Master for $250 (plus shipping and applicable taxes). This receiver is notable in that it has two built-in tuners (so that you can watch one OTA channel and record another) and it can be connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable (not included) or wirelessly via a USB-based Wi-Fi adapter (also not included). An external hard drive may also be purchased to beef up the recording capabilities. The 16 GB built-in drive is good for a couple of hour and a half movies, more if the content is standard definition. It's really intended to be used as a pause-and-play feature that lets you pause the action (the unit starts recording the program you're watching) while you answer the door, phone or get more popcorn. When you get back, just hit the resume button and the program continues where you left off. Click here to read more.
Average Joe Product Reviews Channel Master gets it right for OTA TV viewers and cordcutters with its new DVR+
by Average Joe | March 26, 2014
ChannelMaster is considered as one of the most reputable antenna and broadcast television hardware manufacturers in the world. Established in 1949, ChannelMaster recently moved from being solely an antenna hardware and accessory manufacturer to providing specialized set-top tuner boxes and personal recorders for over-the-air digital TV and the growing Pay TV cordcutting movement. Its newest product launched into that market is the DVR+ Click here to read more.
audiophile audition Channel Master OTA HD-DVR+ Recorder
by John Sunier | March 26, 2014
Are you tired of paying $1500 to $2000 a year for watching your supposedly-free TV? Do you receive a number of local HDTV channels successfully where you live? Then this $250 DVR (and no monthly subscription fee) is exactly what you want. HDTV is terrific, and if you are subscribing to cable or satellite, they are compressing down the hi-def signals hugely in order to cram more channels on the line, and with OTA (Over The Air, for those who haven't been paying attention) HDTV you will see just how good HDTV resolution can be. Click here to read more.
Digital Trends Channel Master DVR+ First Look
by Caleb Denison | March 24, 2014
The Channel Master DVR+ appears to have the potential to become a cord-cutter's best friend. This dual-tuner DVR can record two over-the-air (OTA) television programs at once, or allow its user to record one show while watching another. Unlike other DVRs, such as TiVo's products, the DVR+ requires no monthly subscription for programming information. However, such freedom comes with a price. The DVR+ costs $250, and it only comes with 2 hours worth of storage space, which will require additional investment.

In our video, we take a look at the DVR+ in action and get a close look at its form factor and connectivity. Click here to view video.
Wired Channel Master DVR+
by Rick Broida | March 19, 2014
A few companies have tried their hand at antenna-friendly DVRs. But these big, clunky boxes have been underwhelming at best, with single tuners, anemic or non-existent program guides, and zero internet connectivity.

So when you look at Channel Master's DVR+, at least on paper, you can't help but feel excited. This waffle-thin unassuming black box offers dual over-the-air tuners, virtually unlimited storage, a gorgeous channel guide, and freedom from the kind of monthly fees that make a TiVo so hard to swallow. Click here to read more.
ABC TechBits: Cutting Cable
by Thomas Lower | March 19, 2014
New devices coming ion the market are helping people looking to cut their ties with cable TV.

Channel Master recently released the new DVR+. It's similar to DVRs used for cable and satellite service, but it has no cable tuner card. You simply plug in your antenna, and connect a network cable to get program updates over the internet. Out of the box, it has about two hours of HD record time. You can add an external hard drive to add lots more time. Click here to read more.
About.com Channel Master DVR+ TV Antenna DVR Review
Cord-cutting Gets a Little Easier

by Robert Silva | March 15, 2014
With the advent of internet streaming and increased abundance of both movie and TV content available from a variety of services, Cable/Satellite cord-cutting has gotten a lot of attention the past couple of years.

However, one of the problems with cord-cutting is being able access local and network TV programming without subscribing to cable or satellite. Click here to read more.
HDTV Magazine Channel Master DVR+ Review
by Marshal Rosenthal | March 13, 2014
I used to have a Replay unit in the early 90's for recording TV shows it was clunky and the hard drive was noisy but it worked. To record shows today you have to depend on a digital recorder being built into a cable box/satellite receiver. That not only keeps you paying for the TV service, in a sense, but also dictates how the DVR's used by the company providing the TV signal. So if you've cut the cord and get your TV from an external antenna, you've been out of luck. So say hello to the $249.99 Channel Master DVR+ but don't say hello to extra fees, because using it doesn't cost anything and that includes the electronic program guide that updates the TV shows on a viewable grid. Click here to read more.
FTA Blog Review: DVR+ vs. Windows Media Center
by Michael Kilgore | March 11, 2014
When I first read about Channel Master's DVR+, I guessed that it was like my Simple.TV device. Tunes over-the-air TV? Check. Works best with a USB hard drive? Check.

As so often happens, I was wrong. The nice folks at Channel Master sent me a DVR+ to review, and I quickly discovered that it's very little like Simple.TV. The DVR+ records OTA TV, but it doesn't stream on its own, and it hooks directly to the TV for viewing. Come to think of it, those features match a Windows Media Center computer, so that's what I'll use for the comparison test. Click here to read more.
HDTV Magazine Review & Specifications of the Channel Master DVR+ | Part One
by Brandon C. | March 11, 2014
If you are not familiar with the Channel Master DVR + its an Over the Air Digital Video Recorder you connect to a digital antennae to view and record television channels.
It does this all without the need of a paid subscription service. We recently got our hands on one and tested it out. We found that not only was it easy to setup but is also easy to use. The DVR itself is the smallest DVR we have ever tested. Click here to read more.
HDTV Magazine Channel Master DVR+ Review
by HDTV Guys | February 14, 2014
If you are a cord cutter you know that one thing that is difficult to live without is a DVR. You can buy a Tivo Roamio and pay a smaller monthly service but you cut the cord so you wouldn't have to pay a monthly charge. What most cord cutters are looking for is a way to record over the air HD without having to pay any monthly fees. Channel Master has you covered with theDVR+ (MSRP $249.99). The DVR+ is a subscription free DVR that allows you to cut the cord and still watch late night network TV on your terms. Click here to read more.
CBS Money Watch Logo Five innovative products I would actually buy at CES
by Dave Johnson | January 13, 2014 9:43 AM
The 2014 International CES was last week, and I was there, walking acres and acres of exhibits looking for examples of bona-fide innovation. But amid the sea of slightly larger televisions in the Central Hall and me-too smartwatches in South Hall, truly compelling products were hard to find. That said, I've rounded up five products from the show that I would actually spend my own hard-earned money on. Indeed, I expect to own all five of these before the year is out.

3. Channel Master. You already know about TIVO, but you might not like the monthly subscription fee. Channel Master is an exciting alternative, designed expressly for over-the-air TV broadcasts -- ideal for cord-cutters trying to save money by doing away with cable and other monthly fees. Click here to read more.
DVR+ se abre paso en la grabacion digital por aire
por Claudia Cruz | 9 de enero de 2014 11:32 AM
Dicen por ahi que "la necesidad es la madre de los inventos"; y un latino que encontramos durante la feria internacional de electronica Consumer Electronics Show es un claro ejemplo de esto. Haga clic aqui para leer mas.
CNET Logo Three things I saw at CES 2014 I'd actually buy
by Rick Broida | January 9, 2014 8:24 AM
Needless to say, I visit CES with an eye toward cheap (or at least affordable) stuff, and I found some interesting items I'm looking forward to seeing this year. (Chief among them: the JamStik, which isn't cheap but is very, very cool.) With that in mind, I give you the three things I saw at CES that I'd actually buy:

1. Channel Master DVR+

After a few swings and misses, Channel Master finally mastered the over-the-air DVR. Stocked with two tuners and a very attractive UI, this slender box lets you record locally broadcast shows without paying a monthly fee. (You supply the antenna -- and the hard drive, which is partially a plus because you get to pick the size, capacity, and so on.) Click here to read more.
Gigaom Logo Channel Master is developing a whole-home DVR solution for cord cutters
By Janko Roettgers | January 8, 2014 8:02 PM
Channel Master wants its new DVR+ to be the TiVo of people who don't like to pay TiVo's fees - and now, it's developing whole-home DVR functionality as well. Click here to read more.
Streaming Media Logo Channel Master Offers DVR+, a Digital Antenna and DVR in One
By Troy Dreier | December 18, 2013
Better known for its TV antennas, Channel Master is getting into the DVR business. It has introduced DVR+, a living room product aimed at people who don't have a pay TV service and would like more flexibility with over-the-air (OTA) channels. The DVR+ connects to an HD antenna (sold separately) and a TV's HDMI port. Viewers can then watch OTA channels through an HDMI connection, so they don't have to change the source on their TV. They can also pause live television, and record one show while watching another thanks to the device's dual tuners. The DVR+ includes 16GB of internal storage, which the company says is good for two hours of recording. Click here to read more.
Electronic House Logo DVR+ Is the Best Thing for Cable Cord Cutters
By Grant Clauser | December 16, 2013
Count me among the people who want one of these. Channel Master's new DVR+ is a dual-tuner DVR for recording high definition programming over an antenna, but it also includes a broadband connection for streaming video. If you've considered dumping your expensive cable TV service (or like me, only pay for it in one room), but miss the ability to record TV shows, then this product is for you. Click here to read more.
Zatz-Not-Funny-logo Channel Master DVR+ Now Available For Pre-Order ($250)
By Dave Zatz | December 16, 2013
We've been tracking Channel Master's moves since new digital video recorder hardware first surfaced in FCC documents last summer. They've clearly used the intervening months wisely to fine tune both the product experience and marketing strategy as the originally documented pair of K77 set-tops has been whittled down to the single and more memorable DVR+ ($250). And, as you probably guessed from the video above, I do indeed have product on hand and my initial impressions are quite positive. Click here to read more.
TWICE Logo Channel Master Unveils DVR For Over-The-Air TV
by Greg Tarr | December 16, 2013 2:15 PM
Over-the-air (OTA) antenna resource Channel Master has launched a new more powerful way of maximizing the entertainment value of free broadcast TV programming, while adding further ammunition to those considering cutting their cable cords. Click here to read more.
Multichannel News Logo Channel Master DVR+ Caters To Cord-Cutters,
Over-The-Air TV Homes

By Jeff Baumgartner | December 16, 2013 9:18 AM
Channel Master on Monday unveiled a "subscription-free" HD-DVR that specializes in navigating and recording free over-the-air TV programming and streaming over-the-top video via the device's integrated broadband connection. Click here to read more.
CNET Logo Channel Master's DVR+ offers true subscription-free over-the-air TV recording
by Matthew Moskovciak | December 16, 2013 5:00 AM
The new Channel Master DVR+ ($250) is looking to become the over-the-air recording solution for subscription-phobic cord-cutters. Most DVRs charge a monthly fee for electronic program guide (EPG) data, but the DVR+ provides that info, supplied by Rovi, for free. Click here to read more.
TVtechnology Logo Channel Master Reports August TV Antenna Sales Surge
By Doug Lung | September 6, 2013 8:51 AM
Last week I reported on the increased interest in off-air reception of TV stations in light of the Time Warner Cable/CBS battle over retransmission rights (now resolved). I've heard from a few people that had tried antenna reception; however, some of these had problems getting solid reception, especially in Los Angeles. I've yet to hear if any of my suggestions helped. Click here to read more.
Home-theater Logo Channel Master TV CM-7400 Over-The-Air HD DVR
By Rob Sabin | June 6, 2012
I was impressed with how well Channel Master thought through the basic DVR interface, feature set, and aesthetics for the CM-7400 DVR. As a standalone DVR designed specifically for off-air broadcast, it fills a unique niche in today's market, and I can't deny it filled one quite nicely in my home. I'll be sorry to see it go back. Click here to read more.
Big Picture Big Sound Logo Channel Master TV Review
By Rachel Cericola | February 15, 2012
If it's free, it's for me!
One of the things that may keep people hanging on is the inclusion of a digital video recorder. Being able to watch what you want, when you want and fast forward through the commercials has changed the way that we watch TV -- for the better, of course. It's also a tough thing to let go. Luckily, you don't have to be DVR-less anymore while still severing ties with your TV provider, thanks to the Channel Master TV. Click here to read more.
HDTV Magazine Logo HDTV Expert - Useful Gadgets: Channel Master CM-7400 TV
By Pete Putman | February 9, 2012
For those readers who are either (a) tired of ever-increasing bills for cable TV, or (b) looking for a different TV experience, I've got a product for you: Channel Master TV. This new product from the folks who were formerly best-known for TV antennas, amplifiers, and related products, is an ATSC receiver with dual DVRs (320 GB total capacity) and tuners, plus built-in WiFi connectivity for Vudu's streaming HD movie service and Vudu apps. If you live in an area with plots of digital TV stations and are content to give up premium news, sports, and lifestyle channels (replacing some of them with Internet-delivered content), then you should check out this product. Click here to read more.
New York Times Logo Cutting the Cord on Cable
By Kevin Sintumuang | January 7, 2012
Televisions made in the past few years have TV tuners, just plug in the antenna but if you want a more cable-like user interface as well as a DVR, get the Channel Master CM-7400 ($400, channelmaster.com). You can browse channel lineups on a grid just as you did with your old set-top box it gets all of the information from the Internet and schedule recordings of your favorite shows. The box also includes access to Vudu, an on-demand movie and TV show streaming service. Click here to read more.
Zatz-Not-Funny-logo Channel Master Launches New DVR For Cord Cutters
By Dave Zatz | December 15, 2011
Channel Master previously championed the now defunct EchoStar DTVPal DVR under their banner... and obviously found some success bringing digital VCR capabilities to the over-the-air crowd as they're launching another fee-free DVR. The new Channel Master TV, aka CM-7400, primarily targets high def antenna broadcasts (although it'll also tune clear QAM) with the added benefit of over-the-top Vudu content. Click here to read more.
Engadget Logo Channel Master TV review
By Ben Drawbaugh | December 14, 2011 4:00 PM
If you prefer your DVR with no strings attached, your choices are pretty limited these days. You can of course roll your own, but admittedly, that isn't for everyone. Channel Master does plan to change that, though, as it's currently accepting pre-orders for its over-the-air DVR with over-the-top features that doesn't require a subscription. Click here to read more.
Home-theater Logo Channel Master TV Over-the-Air DVR
By Jamie Sorcher | November 18, 2011
Cut the cable bill (if not the cord) with this clever set-top box that's both a dual-HDTV tuner and a DVR. Antenna maker Channel Master's newest device, the CM-7400, is thoroughly modern, delivering free, live, over-the-air HD or other digital broadcasts, a subscription-free program guide, and full DVR functions (pause, rewind, and record live TV). Click here to read more.
Gigaom Logo Cord Cutters: Channel Master is developing a DVR for cord cutting
By Janko Roettgers | November 17, 2011 4:47 PM
The Channel Master TV is a new DVR that squarely targets cord cutters who don't want to pay any monthly subscription. But is the device worth $400? Check out our take on it. Click here to read more.
Electronic House Logo Channel Master TV - 2012 Product of the Year Winner
By Electronic House | November 15, 2011
Channel Master TV enables subscription free over-the-air HD broadcasts; provides full DVR functionality including the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV and watch one program while recording another; stores and manages personal media content; plus provides access to OTT web content such as On Demand Movies and TV shows through the integrated VUDU apps application. Click here to read more.
TVtechnology Logo Channel Master TV Offers User-Friendly Broadcast,
Internet TV Hybrid

By Doug Lung | September 16, 2011 9:00 AM
I saw several stories this week on Channel Master TV, a single box that combines two tuners for receiving and recording off-air TV broadcasts. (You can watch one show while recording another.) The box includes a player for Internet video content, including access to "the most HD movies streaming on demand" from Vudu. It can use applications for social networking and photo sharing such as Picasa and Flickr, and it also has an electronic program guide and TV guide functions. Click here to read more.
CNET Logo New Channel Master DVR records OTA, streams Vudu
but not Netflix

by Matthew Moskovciak | September 13, 2011 8:18 AM
The Channel Master TV is designed to be a one-stop box for cord-cutters. Cutting the cable can be done, but one of the toughest challenges is replacing live TV programs, like sports and local news. We've long been advocates of over-the-air (OTA) HDTV to fill the gap, but there aren't many OTA DVRs and the existing models have significant drawbacks, including the Channel Master CM-7000PAL we reviewed earlier this year. Click here to read more.
Gizmodo Logo Channel Master TV Will Let You Cut The Cord And
Keep The Sports

By Kelly | September 13, 2011 7:23 PM
Channel Master's newest DVR is a cord cutters dream. It lets users record over-the-air programming so they can ditch cable and still follow their local news and sports. And there's no monthly fee, just the cost of the device. Click here to read more.
ConsumerReports.Org Logo Cable cutters rejoice: Channel Master's Web-connected DVR records free TV
By James K. Willcox | September 14, 2011 11:14 AM
Tired of paying a cable or satellite TV bill plus an extra fee to record the shows you're getting? Channel Master apparently hopes so, because in early November, the company will offer a DVR that can record over-the-air (OTA) TV signals including high-definition and has no recurring monthly service fees, with the added ability to get streaming TV shows and movies from Vudu. Click here to read more.
Gizmo Lovers Logo The Channel Master TV CM-7400, an OTA DVR Alternative to TiVo?
By MegaZone | September 14, 2011
Channel Master is launching a new box, the Channel Master TV, aka CM-7400. This new model moves Channel Master a bit further up market. The biggest change is the addition of networking support, with Ethernet as well as built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi. Note the three antennas you can see in the image gallery are for the WiFi, not ATSC, you need an external ATSC antenna. Click here to read more.